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TWENTY ONE PILOTS continues to redefine live performances on The Icy Tour!

”Another show night, another icy performance by Twenty One Pilots!”

After nearly 13 years of live performances, I would not have imagined Twenty One Pilots still had so many original ideas left to bring into their live shows—luckily, this could not be further from the truth. The band continues to impress and exceed all expectations as they bring forth yet another fantastic live show in their most recent North American tour, The Icy Tour.

After having added a touring band to bring another level of musical depth to their live shows, the previously two-piece band continues to create a space in which every single person in the arena feels connected to the artists on stage. Joseph (lead vocals / bass / piano) and Dun (drums / backup vocals) continue to create a new, ever more dynamic live show as they brilliantly develop new ways to keep the crowd entertained. From doing backflips on stage, to climbing up 15 feet in the air to perform a song, to performing one while mattress surfing over the crowd, Twenty One Pilots brings excitement and novelty into every song they perform.

You cannot discuss a live music experience without acknowledging the fans attending it; the ones filling up the room. Known as one of the most dedicated fan-bases in the music world, Twenty One Pilots fans are known for camping outside venues for days before their concerts. These fans are willing to do anything to guarantee themselves a spot as close to the stage as possible. With these acts of dedication, fans hope to show their gratitude to the band—the people and the music that have changed their lives. These fans bring all of their energy into the venue, and create a room full of magnetic eagerness as they prepare to hear and experience all of their favorite songs live.

The positive atmosphere that Twenty One Pilots has cultivated with their music and in their fan-base has continued to evolve and expand through their years as a band. They have created an environment full of everything good that a shared love for music can evoke. Joy, excitement, freedom, connection, etc., you can find and experience all of these things through twenty one pilots as they put on the show of a lifetime right before your eyes. No matter where you’re seated, you will leave the venue having fully experienced an incredibly memorable performance.

If you want to get a glimpse into what live music is all about, you can catch Twenty One Pilots live in concert on their current Icy Tour as they make their way around North America. For tickets and more info visit: www.twentyonepilots.com

Photos by Oscar Gomez (@cs.oscargomez)

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