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RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE drops like a bomb on the PSA tour! (Photos)

It’s been 30 years since RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE dropped “Killing in the Name of” in the year 1992. Some of you may not have even been born yet. But, in a present where the dominating socio-political world has taken a huge step back and continues to live in a mindset born in the days of muskets, smallpox and slavery, the screams of Zach de la Rocha and RATM could not be more relevant.

Fast forward to 2019, and after decades of rumors, other musical projects, a brief reunion in 2007, and years of millions of fans holding their fingers crossed, RATM finally announced they were back and had upcoming tour dates. The pandemic created an unsightly road bump, postponing shows worldwide. But 2022 rolled around. Most of us who believe in science are vaccinated, making the “Public Service Announcement” tour now a reality and, not even an injured leg (night 1 in Chicago) could keep Zach de la Rocha's energy contained. And, that same energy fueled the audience there to praise RATM. If an incredible tour kick off in East Troy, WI and two house packed nights at Chicago’s United Center have anything to say, it’s that “the wait was worth it, and the world needs more Rage Against The Machine!”

We were happy to bear witness to this return and to have the images to prove it. But we can’t move on to the photos without also praising the first-class support brought on this tour… RUN THE JEWELS! The dynamic duo is setting the pace for each stop, warming up the audience with their own brand of socially conscious, political hip hop. The Grammy-nominated, internationally awarded super-duo are the perfect tinder for the “Public Service Announcement” tour. To celebrate we've given RTJ their own gallery which you can find here (link also provided after the RATM gallery below), and our main page!

To check out all the RUN THE JEWELS photos from this tour stop click here.

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