Who/what is RockDaBeat.com?

Rockdabeat.com is an independent media outlet with a collective history in Radio, Print, and Web publications related to music and entertainment. We are music connoisseurs, fans and professionals who have reported and covered numerous events, and interviewed numerous artists through various outlets throughout the years.

Rockdabeat originally started a couple years back with a single mission, to spread the word about Latin and World Alternative Rock music consumed in the United States of America. A major road bump named COVID-19 slowed us down but fast forward to 2021 and we are doing our best to grow within the parameters of our purpose.

Can I work with RockDaBeat?

We are always accepting candidates who wish to volunteer and share their passion for music and the arts and who want to exercise their writing skills or wish to collaborate in other ways. If you are interested in working with RDB, please send us an email at weare@rockdabeat.com telling us who you are, what you do, and how you want to be involved at RDB.

Thank you for stopping by!