Who/what is RockDaBeat.com?

We started a couple years back with a single mission, to spread the word about music and events interesting to the Latin American/Hispanic population with special attention given to the Midwest region of the United States. But we aren’t talking about the same old stuff they blast on most commercial radio. There are plenty of outlets for regional and tropical music (especially in the U.S.) and, although we love that too, we want to focus on electronic, alternative, rock, experimental, hip hop, reggae and fusion styles and genres, and sub-genres, of music from, for and enjoyed by our target audience. But what is our target audience? Well, it’s still "primarily" the Latin@/x and Hispanic population but we say that with air quotes because we fully acknowledge and respect everyone loving these genres no matter where they're from. We receive you all with open arms. :)

So where has RockDaBeat been?

Well, this was a passion project started by a small group of individuals, but life happens you know. We actually didn’t get very far before we had to step away. Part of life happening was the Coronavirus pandemic and the challenges that came with this global event. Now RockDaBeat is easing back into things and we hope you will enjoy what it offers.  If you have questions, please reach out to weare@rockdabeat.com

Can I work with RockDaBeat?

We are always accepting candidates who wish to volunteer and share their passion for music and the arts and who want to exercise their writing skills or wish to collaborate in other ways. If you are interested in working with RDB, please send us an email at weare@rockdabeat.com telling us who you are, what you do, and how you want to do involved at RDB.