ALEJANDRA GUZMAN and PAULINA RUBIO, legendary icons make history, again!

Mexican femme fatales Alejandra Guzman and Paulina Rubio brought their “Perrisimas” tour to the James Polk Theater in Nashville, TN on 04/28. The tour kicked off on April 15th in Orlando, FL and wraps up on May 22nd in Los Angeles, CA.

“Perrisima” is a fearless woman and these badasses are exactly that. The word “Perrisimas” loosely translates to “Bad Bitches” and I dare to say that both Alejandra and Paulina will agree with me on that.

Alejandra Guzman (also known as “The Queen of Hearts”) has been one of my favorite singers since I was a child. She is known for her unique voice and her rebellious attitude. In her youth, she was everything that so-called high class Mexican society rejected: Loud, opinionated, nd unapologetically sensual. With hits like “Eternamente Bella Bella”, and “Hacer el Amor con otro”, Alejandría Guzman changed the music scene for an entire generation in Latin America.

Paulina Rubio, Mexico’s beloved golden girl, is known to be the queen of Mexican pop. Paulina began her singing career when she was 9 years old with the children’s band Timbiriche. Her first single was “Mio” in 1992. I remember like it was yesterday when this song came out. My friends and I were 8 years old singing the lyrics about how we would kill or die for our crush. We loved it!!

When this tour was announced, the Latin community exploded with speculation that it would be a total flop due to the supposed stormy relationship that these divas have had.

Controversy has always followed them, and unfortunately this tour was not the exception. But controversy was not enough to stop them and, against all odds, the pair sold out their first five shows. Putting this pair together was an excellent marketing strategy. Since they both have a huge following of very different crowds.

I was reluctant about attending since I haven’t listened to Paulina’s music since the early 2000s. Even though I adore Alejandra and her music still means a lot to me, I was afraid that she would be too old for her style or that her voice wouldn’t be what I thought it should be like in person. I was really scared of walking out of that concert disheartened by a poor performance by one of my truest music icons.

I put on my best pair of black jeans, a nice black top, and my cowboy boots. I left the house feeling quite cute. Once I entered the lobby of James Polk theater, I was quickly overshadowed by the exuberant latina bodies with tiny mini skirts, professionally quaffed hairdos and stiletto heels. This was a dress-to-impress kind of night. I have never seen so many Latinas together in Nashville. Accents from the south of Patagonia, the Caribbean islands and Mexico mixed in perfect harmony. It felt as if I was in a diverse metropolis like Buenos Aires, Mexico City or Miami.

The show began with a larger-than-life projection of black and white images of the Duo. The stage went dark and one second later the screen turned into a shiny curtain, flashing the word “Perrisimas.” The crowd screamed, the curtains opened, and both singers came out. The first duet was a cover of “Ni Tu Ni Nadie” by Alaska y Dinarama. The song choice here is key. This was a hit in the 80s, but popularized again by Mexican Rock band Moenia in the 2000s. With one song, they took two generations of fans back to their wonder years. The crowd erupted in applause, and I don’t think anyone sat down after the first song began.

Accompanied by a complete band, the duet got the crowd roaring. They wore tiny sparkling leather outfits with knee-high boots. At some point, Alejandra disappears. Paulina was left alone on a platform and she began her first solo set. This set was my favorite of her two sets since she sang all of the songs I knew. Like “Lo Hare por Ti”, “Te Quise Tanto”, and “Yo No Soy Esa Mujer.” She also sang a beautiful acoustic song to her mother and another of my favorites, “Talvez Quizas.” I was honestly impressed by Paulina. Even though I grew up with her music, I never thought about going to one of her shows. She left me in awe after her first set.

The stage went dark once again and the Queen of Hearts appeared on the platform for her first solo set. Alejandra wore a black miniskirt, a pink cropped jacket, and pink knee-high boots. The first song of this set was “Miralo Mirala” and, not even halfway through the song, my heart exploded with love for her. All my fears about Alejandra not living up to what I thought she was were gone. Her second song was “Mala Hierba” which is an anthem for rebellious girls around Spanish-speaking countries. And trust me when I say we lost it. Little by little, she took parts of her outfit off until she was left with a black leotard and boots. Her set went from alternating high-intensity rock to beautiful ballads, one after the other, like a roller coaster ride. She ended her set alone with the piano player and rendered an amazing version of “Sexo Pudor y Lagrimas.” I get goosebumps just remembering it. It was amazing.

Both artists came back out for their second duet, this time the song was “Es Por Amor”, another Spanish rock classic. When that song ended, a dude took over the stage and I was like “Who is that guy?” He was dancing and singing and telling us to follow along. So we did, and we realized that Paulina was walking to the soundboard and the crowd went crazy trying to snap a selfie with “La Reina del Pop.” Paulina sang “Nena” from a tabletop and the crowd out in the back couldn’t be happier. Front row people: don’t complain! You got tequila shots and tequila bottles from the Golden Girl, and you got to make videos of her hugging you.

Alejandra’s second set was as powerful as her first. She started with “Eternamente Bella” and once again, the crowd was ecstatic. I honestly don’t know how we still had energy this long into the show. We sang and danced since the first song without a break.

I’m so glad that I was able to attend this show. I was able to witness history being made by two of Mexico’s most controversial singers. It was clear to me that both singers have respect for each other’s trajectory and that both are incredibly talented. They are different, their stage presence is different, and their interactions with the band and crowd are different, but they were both superb and eager to make this night a night that the crowd will always remember.

Once the night was over the beautiful hairdos or stiletto shoes were a ghost. We all left with crazy hair and shoes in hand.

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Photos by Alma Reed (@frontrowmusiccity)