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AMBAR LUCID - Estrella Tour recap + photos

AMBAR LUCID just wrapped up her "Estrella Tour with a stop in Chicago that was received by an eagerly awaiting sold out crowd. Fans chanted and sang along for an unforgettable evening of alternative, R&B, indie, dream pop that culminated with the young artist taking to the floor to jump and sing along with her followers. Ambar Lucid is part of a newer wave of Latine/x/@ artists who, along with peers like Omar Apollo and Cuco, speak in a voice most understood by today's immigrant youth. In her documentary, "Llegaron Las Flores", Ambar even provided us with an insight into her own family's experiences after being reunited with her father many years after his deportation.

The setlist for this stop of the Estrella Tour included:

The Door | Questioning My Mind | Head Down | Dead Leaves | Truth Is So Loud | La Torre | Letter To My younger Self | Cambia | Un Animal | Girl Ur So Pretty | Timeless | Fantasmas | Universe

With an ever-rising population of fans, Ambar Lucid has garnered millions of streams across multiple platforms. Her latest single "La Torre" dropped only 2 weeks ago and has already sent positive waves rippling across the interwebs. With lyrics drawn from her own personal experiences, this single and tour have helped introduce the alter-ego Ambar now celebrates as "Estrella". After performances across cities in the West Coast, Texas, and the Midwest, we were fortunate enough to witness the experience of all those adoring fans who find a connection with this ever emerging artist; and, we were able to capture these photos of her amazing performance at Chicago's Lincoln Hall. Enjoy!

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Photos by: Jean Marc Lavoie (@jean.marc.lavoie)

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