November 2021 - As part of their 35th anniversary, Los Aútenticos Decadentes will dedicate three albums in tribute to the artists and performers who have led the way for the band with their work. The project will be titled 'A D N'. 'Capítulo A' (Chapter A) is the first of the triple record and is now available to enjoy all over the world through music streaming services. The release is also available in CD Digipack Deluxe & Vinyl 45 RPM format, with simultaneous publication in Argentina, Mexico, and Chile.

'A' is the first decadent sampling of 'A D N' and in it the worlds of iconic Argentine bands, the allure of regional Mexican, the energy of Spanish rumba, the magical poetry of Rio de la Plata, and even a surprising performance in English, cohabitate.

Important Latin American artists accompany LAD on this musical journey through the songs that reveal part of their genetic code: from Argentina Attaque 77, Los Pericos and Bandalos Chinos; Santaferia from Chile; Rubén Rada from Uruguay; and of course, enchanting Mexico is present with Panteón Rococó on the single Los Viejos Vinagres and Natalia Lafourcade on the wonderful version of Golpes en el corazón.

Golpes en el corazón is the current distributed cut from Capítulo A and has become a complete success in Latin America. The song is number #1 on the radio charts in Mexico and Argentina and together with the videoclip has surpassed 30 million streams on digital music services, in addition to leading the most important playlists in the region as well. Accordingly, Los Auténticos Decadentes and Los Tigres del Norte, creators of the song, had an historic meeting in Monterrey, in which the "bosses of bosses" and the Argentines celebrated the success.


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Capítulo A

1. Los viejos vinagres (Sumo) ft. Panteón Rococó

2. Golpes en el corazón (Los Tigres del Norte) junto a Natalia Lafourcade

3. Ay, qué dolor (Los Chunguitos) ft. Attaque 77

4. Luna de miel en la mano (Virus) ft. Bandalos Chinos

5. Seguir viviendo sin tu amor (Luis Alberto Spinetta) ft. Los Pericos

6. No te enamores nunca de aquel marinero bengalí (Los Abuelos de la nada) ft. Santaferia

7. Ayer te vi (Rubén Rada) ft. Rubén Rada

8. Live is life (Opus)

'A' was artistically produced by Martín "Moska" Lorenzo, Mariano Franceschelli and Los Auténticos Decadentes in co-production with the multi award-winning Gustavo Borner, who also led the mixing and mastering processes in the Igloo Music studios in Los Angeles. The material was recorded in Mexico and Argentina between 2019 and 2021. The cover art is by the renowned Argentine graphic designer Alejandro Ros. Chapters 'D' and 'N' will arrive in 2022.

The band is currently in Mexico performing a tour of concerts that will pass through the cities of Monterrey, León, Toluca, and Torreón. Upon their return, they will resume the 35th Anniversary tour through Argentina.

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