AUTENTICOS DECADENTES: Interview with Argentina's ska/rock/reggae pioneers (English)

Los Autenticos Decadentes have celebrated 35 years in their trajectory and they did so with a trilogy of covers. With ‘ADN’ ('DNA' in English) Los Autenticos Decadentes take us on a journey through their musical inspirations. The second volume, Chapter D was just released, and the Argentine band will be touring, promoting the album in South America, Mexico and hopefully, by the end of the year, in the United States. RDB chatted with Mariano Franceschelli of Los Autenticos Decadentes, and co-producer of the album.

This is a loosely translated Englsih version of the original interview in Spanish.

Original interview is in Spanish and you can see and listen to it here!

I would like to start by asking, how are the Los Autenticos Decadentes today? I feel like every time I talk to someone, I have to check. How did these 2 years go by? Are we all okay?

We are alive which is no small thing. We are happy to have been able to meet people live again because we try to keep in touch through the networks, making some video calls with the fans every so often, with some little things, but well it is not the same as the heat and playing on stage and that feedback, back and forth of energy that we musicians miss so much in these two years of pandemic that we go through.

Today we find the truth that very well. Almost saying goodbye to our 35 years of career and starting with a very nice new stage of album, of a trilogy called ADN. Done mostly, for the most part, in pandemic.

You are already on the second volume?

We are already in the D. Yes, we are about to present and finish the N. In fact, I'm already checking mixes and making some returns, we're finishing mixing it in Los Angeles with Gustavo Borner. So we are in full completion and decision of the mixtures at a distance. The A and the D, luckily with my co-equiper with Martín with "la Moska" who are the producers of the album we were able to travel to Los Angeles and be able to do the mixes of A and D.

The trilogy has eight songs each album. They are all covers, with many guests. An amazing and super natural varieté of guests and it was very good because in the pandemic we were able to get many guests since each one was at home they were not on tour. Sometimes you try to invite someone, but after they have the times and they are on tour and they are complicated and how good and capable one grabs them resting well so in the pandemic we were magically given this ADN that saved us.

And how did that idea of focusing on covers come about? And bringing in guests, what was that conversation like?

Look at this idea actually it is since 2017, 2018 that we were with the idea of making a cover album but a not so extensive album, an album of eight or ten songs. Then they offered us to do MTV's Unplugged , the acoustic, and well and that took a lot of time. Then this project was a bit sidelined. We dedicated ourselves to Unplugged, then present it, play it. When we more or less went down a little more to a tranquility and taking advantage of the change of tour to Mexico presenting the Unplugged, we went to the Sony studios in Mexico ... we recorded eight, nine songs from this project that actually started as a project in 2019, months before the pandemic and obviously well we had to cut it because of the pandemic. And then... after months of nothing, of conversations, comings and goings, we decided to continue with this from our homes and it was expanding we were excited. There was no telling when this was going to be finished, so we did a triple record so well we got too excited.

But I think it has a reason. ADN, as the three lyrics say, is part of our musical DNA, of our songs that we liked and artists that we liked when we were kids when we started our career. Everything has a why then... the construction was nice because it was to put the emotional and the lived each one from the personal as a boy to the group and what groups we liked and that we were fans. And well how was our musical construction throughout these 35 years that we already fulfilled in pandemic. So nothing, it was a super nice experience, it saved us really as I told you the pandemic made it much milder.

You mentioned then that it's like the musical DNA of the group, like exploring those influences a little bit, but they still have like an interesting mix of artists. For example, in this second chapter there is a cover of Oro that is from Bronco, what is a regional Mexican group, but they also have guests in the same song to Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. I think we're going to bring this other band - Japan Mexico Argentina?

Very crazy. It was crazy because Oro is a song we sang from Bronco many years ago. In fact, at one point we did it live when we went to Mexico. It was a song that always marked us a lot and we were given the opportunity to record it with Lupe and all the guys from Bronco. It was a total joy and at one point we said "chin but we could send the guys from...", as we did half ska format, half rocksteady, and in that Jamaican and orchestral medium wave ... Nothing if we sent it to the boys and they picked up.

At first it seemed strange to Lupe. At first it seemed strange to record with Los Autenticos Decadentes beyond the fact that he had already been invited to the National Auditorium. We had invited him to sing a song. He told us, eating a barbecue last month that we were on tour, and told us that at first he felt it was weird "no, but with a rock group" and when we told him that we wanted to invite the Japanese even weirder it seemed to him.

It couldn't be. And nothing and then he told us the truth that I was surprised because to hear a song in that style and with that format and with so many musicians, because Los Autenticos Decadentes are 12 musicians and Tokyo is nine or eight, plus the Bronco. No, it was crazy. It was fun. A pandemic madness that we were able to perform and that good and that hopefully we can get together and do it live at some point in this presentation that we started in July of ADN.

Of the other songs, does any particular one that you say have a special place in my heart that song?

Well Boys don't cry is a song from The Cure how good I was a fan since I was a kid. I think it's one of the first songs I played on the guitar, which, among many others, was one of the ones that influenced me. We invite Luca Prodan's brother, Sumo singer Andrea Prodan... an emblematic singer of the 80s-90s from here in Argentina. In fact, the first song of ADN is a song by Sumo Los viejos vinegar and nothing a group that marked us a lot the way and the one that encouraged us and made us want to go out on the tracks, to play and be in that musical rebellion.

You mentioned that it's already recorded, the third chapter [of ADN] is about to be mixed. Anything you can tell us about chapter N?

That there are some amazing guests. The truth is that we are very happy with how far we went with this trilogy. And the N has some musicians and some emblematic songs and that also put us that degree of sensitivity of those songs that one... and that he grew up with those songs. So he has the whole trilogy, but N has very interesting surprises that fans are going to like a lot.

And you mentioned going back to the stage. Be doing shows. You've already started, but you have more shows in South America and then in Mexico.

Yes... on July 16 we presented the first ADN show and that we are going to do it in 360. It is the first 360 show of Los Autenticos Decadentes in an emblematic place, El Palacio de los Deportes. The truth is that we are very happy. That is going to be the big trigger of ADN and presentation world tour so nothing, we are focused on that situation and it seems that by October we will be touring the United States. Hopefully we visit Chicago that we always like and so much love has for us people there every time we go to play.

And now that you mention this show at the Palacio de los Deportes, some guests who have planned, take advantage of the fact that they are in Mexico?

Yes there will be. They are confirming us, there will be guests and it will be incredible for this I told you that it will be our first 360 show. So it's going to be a spectacular show. Always the Palace... an emblematic place... the Palace of the bounces as they say that it bounces all the sound, but has the immensity of the place and the significance of the place. The truth is that it has an emotional plus.

And do you have plans... are they still composing? Any future albums of original [tracks]?

We are planning to make an unreleased album in the future. Let's see how we get because the truth is that we are with a lot of touring. This return of the pandemic or return after the pandemic... it required us a lot of travel, a lot of demand to go places, wanting to be everywhere at the same time, you saw. Of course, because one has the feeling of wanting to return after so much uncertainty. One wondered "and when we will play again", "I will play again", "what will happen in my life", "I will", "I will return", "I will get a phobia". I say no, that's okay. We went back to normal. I think luckily most people were able to come back and be able to readjust. So well we are already, we think we are well-off, and well, then to continue with all this legacy of Los Autenticos Decadentes.

I think we're all like in a similar space. I who am not a musician also feel that I am on tour because as soon as I could travel, I am already here, I am already going there. Well, enjoy a lot!

Of course and that also changed the way of thinking about enjoying, being attentive to the present to the construction through love, understanding and good and how you say to enjoy the moment and try to be happy in this short period that is life. Well nothing, in search of happiness and love and world peace.

That it has always been part of the "vibe" of Los Autenticos Decadentes, true?

Yes yes yes and bring joy to people. Well, that always characterized us, that was our mission in life. We are very happy to have it, keep it and be able to continue with all these new things that continue to happen to us, grateful to life and to the people who always accompany us.

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