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CALONCHO talks to us about his new release 'Malvadisco'

Born in Sonora, Mexico, Caloncho is known for his folk-like, alternative beach vibes. He has collaborated with Mon Laferte, Chicano Batman, Esteman, and more. In his newest release 'Malvadisco' he builds on the success of his prior four albums while experimenting with new sounds, rhythms and an exclusive flow that characterize his music as both melodic and emotional. This latest production was born before the pandemic and brought up from his home where he recorded during the worse of the COVID scare. 'Malvadisco features 11 tracks with 'Shulaguapa' (feat. El David Aguilar) garnering much attention.

"Why make a record like this? I think it's something I was deciding while I was writing and selecting which songs I was going to record. They are songs that come from a very honest and genuine place, from personal situations and experiences in my life. As time went by I realized these songs were not optimistic or festive songs, I was able to give them a conceptual axis much more attached to emotions than to sensations," - Caloncho

This album is deemed as one of Caloncho's "most personal [albums] to date" and we had the fortune of speaking to him about his work and new album.

>> Click here for the audio to this interview <<

Unfortunately we did experience technical issues during the long distance Zoom call and the audio of the first few minutes was beyond repair. However, we pick up with Caloncho telling us about the personal inspiration behind his work and composition for the new album. But don't forget to read more below! ;)

Caloncho continues touring the album in MX and will also play the Pal Norte Festival next month in Monterrey, MX alongside artists like Mexican Institute of Sound, Foo Fighters, Babasonicos, The Kooks and many more artists. for more on Caloncho scroll down for links to his music and socials!

Connect with CALONCHO at: www.caloncho.mx

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More info on Caloncho's 'Malvadisco'

"With 'Malvadisco' I wanted to experience the entire palette of possible human feelings, not only the lucid, but those feelings that confront us and make us move from place, because their complexity reminds us of who we are: human beings with lights and shadows," says Caloncho, while his songs are playing in the background as a reminder of what makes us exist.

From the official press release: 'Malvadisco' features eleven songs that are relatable to everyone during these times we are living. The first song on the album, "Malvado", is an semi-ballad acoustic that revolves around the doubts that our actions generate, especially those that happen more by clumsiness than by malice, but that for the same reason require more attention so we don't repeat them.

It is followed by "Magento", an alt rock track, with guitar riffs included. The energy rises a more on this song in comparison to the first, taking us through a more dynamic sound space, generating a very particular feeling, which makes sense when listening to the lyrics of the song, which is about self-reflection, this time focusing on games of the mind.

"Luna Completa", is the third track of the album and has a much more bray vibe, almost as if it were a psychedelic ballad, which instead of focusing on a certain hedonism, revolves around the shared well-being capable of emerging from a separation.

The next track, "Adolescentes", is a small masterpiece of retro aesthetics that was a single from the album. The song features a certain spirit of synth rock from the eighties, that's characterized by its riffs from the first decade of the XXI century. A frenetic theme for the mood of the album, which is about the impulses generated by irrational passion.

"Esfera", returns to Caloncho's initial ballad roots, but with certain touches of country folk that make it a very interesting acoustic style within the career of the Sonoran artist. His latest single, "Shulaguapa" is a melody that brings back a bit of that tropical energy that the artist is also known for and demonstrates his evolution in terms of sounds and lyrics.

For the mythical track 7, Caloncho presents "Sensei", another single from the album, with a melancholic, almost taciturn theme, but whose interpretive delicacy gives it a certain air of hope, a light in the middle of all the darkness. Without a doubt, one of Caloncho's best songs in his career.

"Medio Oriente" breaks boundaries in terms of sonority, but shares a certain essence of hypnotism in the verses, in addition to having a prodigious chorus. With the next track, "Mono Gamez' the artist returns to country sounds, while the lyrics are a dissertation about the different way we live our relationships in todays world.

As we come near the end of the album the song, "Epitafio", as its title indicates, reflects the author's thoughts about death, one of the issues that has undoubtedly been more present than ever in recent times, given the fragility we have seen in life and its nature around the world.

Given that the previous track is deep and complex, Caloncho decided to give a finishing touch to this album with "Bombones", a much more optimistic and playful track, which keeps the spirit of listening in a good place, after this walk through endless emotions.

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