CARMEN BORLA releases her debut single 'Sugar'

Press Release - Argentinean singer-songwriter, actress, writer and composer. Carmen Borla shines a light of her own in the performing arts world in the United States. Born in Argentina, she grew up and spent her childhood in a small town near Buenos Aires. From an early age she spoke musically, a language in which she flows naturally.

Her first single is entitled “Sugar”, a wanted nightmare! The video represents the thousand faces of the mental loop in which we can live in when we say "yes" to something we know we should have said "no" to instead.


"My favorite line from the song is 'You numbed and swallowed me'. There is something about the way I write poetry that shows a bit of darkness when it comes to my descriptions. A very good writer and rapper friend told me a while ago: 'your pen is heavy... you sing softly but, you hit hard with your words'. That's when I realized how rich that contrast is…besides being the best compliment I've ever heard in my life".

The song was produced by Rafael Urbina (Rafasloop), mixed by Carlos Mas and the mastering was done by Dave Mcnair. The guest musicians were: Jerry Soto and Rainer Diaz on guitar, Fernando Colombet on bass, Ismael Baiz on drums, David Alastre on keyboards, percussion by Rafasloop, and on backing vocals Paloma Muñoz, Camila Zitelli, Ivana Uman and Silvana Salazar.

She has spent part of her career in theater and film, performing at various festivals and working in collaborations. Musically, she collaborated with PJ Rose on three songs on an album: Odyssey (An electro Symphonic Journey), Nocturne (which explores a bit of her classical vocal sound), Drown, Intrepid (with lyrics written by Carmen). She also took part in an album of chanted meditations recordings called "Shivers" from the "Mind Massage" platform with the song "Breath". In 2018, she recorded "Rooted" where Carmen co-wrote with her friend Zachary Murdock. She also collaborated with him in his project Cowlick, in the song "Home" from his album "No, I Won't Be Home for Christmas but I Love You". In 2019, she was part of a workshop at the Public Theatre called "BARS" where she met great friends and collaborators.

Some of her influences in music and artistic expression include: Erykah Badu, Childish Gambino, Mercedes Sosa, Charly Garcia, Amy Winehouse, Jacob Collier, Frank Ocean, El Flaco Spinetta, Bebe, D’Angelo, Queen, The Beatles, and lately she keeps listening to Cardellino, Drexler, Kevin Johansen Y Nafta.

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