ENJAMBRE talks to us about their new English EP 'Ambrosia'

Enjambre at Ruido Fest 2021 - Photo: Paulina Candelario-Lavoie

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RDB: Hey guys, how are you? Welcome back to Chicago.

Luis Humberto: Very good, thank you very much, Chicago is very nice and we are very happy to be here.

RDB: Recapitulating your career a bit, you have 7 studio albums, 3 live albums and now you make us happy with a new EP, 'Ambrosia' and it's totally in English... Tell me about this new EP.

Luis Humberto: Yes, by the end of September we released a new EP called 'Ambrosia', there are four songs totally in English, it comes from a concern that we had years ago to make an album with songs that were in English and we had not had time to do it and now because of the confinement we had the time and we took advantage of it.

RDB: They were already missed on stage, we missed seeing them live, and they missed concerts in general... How do they feel about stepping on stage again after almost a year and a half of pandemic?

Luis Humberto: Well, we feel very happy to return to the stage obviously, and it's kind of strange it feels a little bit like when we started the confinement. They existed as a desire to be and not to be touched for people and there is a little bit of that feeling. But more than anything, joy and excitement to present not only the single of this new EP but songs of 'Próximos Prójimos' which is an album that was released in 2020 and we had not had the opportunity to present it live. And then the pandemic we live working in the studio and finishing recording 'Próximos Prójimos' and this EP 'Ambrosia.'

RDB: Where did you record this EP? Did you have the opportunity to get together to work together in the studio?, Or was it a hybrid, bone worked remotely because of the pandemic and then got together? Where did you mix it that happened in the studio?

Luis Humberto: Well, in the studio I had magic, at the beginning of the pandemic we were working separately, we were doing demos exchanging ideas. But obviously the more information we had about how to prevent ourselves, we got together and finished composing and recording "Próximos Prójimos" and in that same way in the same studio we recorded 'Ambrosia' already together and we have always liked to record in a studio in the city of León, Guanajuato called Testa. It's a studio that has boutique equipment, so the idea is to have this warmer, more organic sound that we like. It's very close to the recordings of songs that we like and I think it captures very well and still feels some new, something original, but it has that old sensibility.

RDB: The first single from your EP is called 'DeLorean'. What inspired you for this song?

Luis Humberto: We are not inspired is the film 'Back to the Future', but definitely if it is a tribute to the concept of time travel and with time machines as obviously is the 'DeLorean'. It's not a song about the movie, but it has a sensitivity close to that nostalgic feeling of when we were kids that was something of the time. So it's a song that talks about what could change if I could go back to the past or the uncertainty of what the future is going to look like. And well, it's a movie that we really liked, if there's a direct connection.

RDB: And speaking of nostalgia, how do you feel your sound has evolved from its beginnings to these days?

Luis Humberto: If you look from the first album we recorded together, which was something so novel and inspired by the sound of the past and now in our seventh album there is already a certain nostalgia for those albums, the first ones we recorded. And in terms of evolution, maybe we understand the ideas better, we already have a way of working where the search is always what best suits the song and according to that stage in which each album is recorded there is an interpretation of the environment of daily life and what we like to hear as an influence on our recordings.

Enjambre in Chicago - 2019 - Foto: Jean Marc Lavoie

RDB: The single 'DeLorean' is accompanied by an entertaining video in which you appear pretending to be part of a TV show presented by 'Taquito Jocoque' and in the show there are many children, it is full of colors and you can see that everyone is having a great time. What can you tell me about this collaboration and the video itself?

Luis Humberto: The director of the video was Luis Fernando Pacheco, a very good director, by the way. He suggested the idea of Littlea being the host of the show. I have already known her for a long time and she is a girl with very particular artistic gifts. I am a fan of his work, I recommend that you visit his networks "Taquito Jocoque" on Instagram and see his work. She herself is quite a work of art, her costumes in the video are hers, she has them and is very talented. As for the children who appear in the video, we wanted the video to be a tribute to those programs we watched when we were children, such as "En Familia con Chabelo", where the participants were children. It was the idea of the director and we thought it was very good and then being on the set playing with them a little. And well, I have that connection with them because I write children's stories and by profession I am a certified preschool teacher. Work many years with children and watching your nephews and children grow up is a beautiful thing, infants are a light in the world and we are glad that they were part of this video.

RDB: To finish up guys, do you continue with the tour 'Próximos Prójimos' and promoting the EP that is about to come out... where do they go after Chicago?

Rafael: If we were in Los Angeles, from here we go to Mexico there we visit a couple of cities, we return to Houston and Texas, and in September the AMBROSIA EP comes out we invite you to follow our networks so you can listen to them.

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