The well-known Latin-American reggae group released the entire album virtually by creating live videos in the studio for each track! The latest of which is "Sin Ver Ni Oir." This album is the follow-up to their album, ‘Acustico Vol 1) that was recorded in the forest in Mendoza, Argentina.

"Luces De La Ciudad", "Mi Flow", "No Más Guerra", "Me Despojo Del Mal", "Fuma Del Humo Y Sana" and "Sin Ver Ni Oye" are some of the tracks on the album. These songs have been played many times at their shows but are now all on one album.

You can also listen to the entire new album on Spotify and other streaming platforms! Just click below! Or scroll down for more videos!

About the band (from Wikipedia): Zona Ganjah (also known as "La ZG") is a Chilean reggae group. Its creator and leader is José Gahona, Chilean vocalist and composer born in Antofagasta. The lyrics of his songs contain a spiritual and social sense with messages of awareness towards nature and towards the essence of being. "Ganjah Zone" in reference to "Ganjah" (marijuana) Jah's Herb (Jah Rastafari). The band has albums released for the commercial market; the dissemination of their music is done through the recitals or the Internet, where they publish their albums for free download.

José Gahona adheres to the Rastafarian spiritual movement and promotes it through his songs, with positive messages that allude to the opening of consciences towards the essence of man and his relationship with the Earth and God. The members of the band do not consume meat or alcohol, so they prefer not to play in bars where the consumption of alcoholic beverages is encouraged. They consider marijuana as an herb provided by nature and its consumption as a way to connect with Jah rastafari. José Gahona also strongly believes in peace above all things and the blessing that is to awaken every day. Gahona tells his followers: "Don't use marijuana to place yourself, smoke to have your mind expand. (...) Connect with the earth, with nature that's the best thing that can happen to you."