DEFTONES + GOJIRA midwest tour recap + photos!

Late last week alternative metal pioneers DEFTONES arrived to the Midwest with tour support by none other than French, metal band GOJIRA, for this much anticipated leg of their rescheduled North American tour. Many dates sold out way in advance as they visited across the US for packed venues everywhere and these were their last stops before heading to Europe. From stages big to not-so small, fans, literally of all ages, lined up and rocked out to these two rock/metal heavyweights!

Long time fans had previously, and anxiously, awaited the arrival of both bands to their hometown venues when a little thing called the pandemic decided it had very different plans for all of us. This meant a long unfortunate wait to join in the chants, mosh pits, and mayhem with Deftones and Gojira but, oh the wait was so worth it! In the Midwest, Gojira quickly boosted the crowd to all cylinders with hard hitting beats that laid the groundwork for the night. New tracks like "Born For One Thing", "Amazonia", and "Grind", accompanied recognizable, multi-million streamed hits like "Stranded", "Silvera", "L’enfant Sauvage", and "Flying Whales"! Twelve tracks of heavy metal goodness set the ideal mood for what was to follow... Deftones! (Scroll down for all the photos!)

DEFTONES introduced themselves with a regurgitating, low-frequency bass intense enough to vibrate the hairs in your nostrils! Chino Moreno’s steps on stage were marked by the wake of the song "Genesis", the first track on the band’s latest EP "OHMS". This moment of mixed emotions marked the first time many Deftones followers would hear the band's latest material live.

With all of us present surviving the greater portion of a pandemic, Chino Moreno’s haunting vocals and intense screams on stage were eagerly welcomed, and the contrast of stage lights, often taking you into complete darkness, played its role perfectly. If you weren't singing along, you were definitely feeling the energy transmitted from the stage with every fiber in your body. The list of songs throughout the evening spanned the greater part of Deftone’s discography: "Change", "Knife Party", "Digital Bath", "My Own Summer", "Diamond Eyes", and numerous hits going back to 1995’s "7 Words" off Deftone's debut album "Adrenaline"! The band is now off to gigs in the rest of the world, with performances that will take them to countries like Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, and many more. We for one, cannot wait to see them again!


Genesis | Rocket Skates | Prayers/Triangles | Royal | Be Quiet And Drive | My Own Summer | Tempest | Swerve City | Digital Bath | Knife Party | You’ve Seen The Butcher | Sextape | Diamond Eyes | Rosemary | Bloody Cape | Change | Ohms | Lotion | 7 Words


Born For One thing | Backbone | Stranded | Flying whales | The Cell | Love/Remembrance | Hold On | Grind | Silvera | L’enfant sauvage | Amazonia | The Gift Of Guilt


Photos: Jean Marc Lavoie (IG: @jean.marc.lavoie)

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Photos: Jean Marc Lavoie (IG: @jean.marc.lavoie)

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