EL ARTURO presents 'Y Que'

November 2021 - Rising Mexican artist ElArturo has taken 2021 by storm, garnering attention for previous singles such as "El Wey Fui Yo" and "Mami Perfecta" that blend regional Mexican with indie, urban, and alternative styles. Today the young star marks another chapter in his promising career, releasing his highly anticipated debut album "Y Qué."

Showcasing the compelling genre-bending compositions and alluring storytelling that have won ElArturo countless fans around the world, "Y Qué" comprises 10 engaging songs that listeners will find easy to relate to. The talented singer and songwriter continues to break all the rules with this project while speaking to the ups and downs of love and life, from the smallest of moments to the most unforgettable experiences, but not without having a little fun along the way.

The new track "Qué Onda Pa" is an impressive example of ElArturo's flexible songwriting abilities. Penned by the artist alongside his friend Jander, the vibrant tale sees the up-and-coming star switching gears from his usual odes to love and heartbreak, such as his blues and mariachi-fueled ballad "El Wey Fui Yo," instead inviting fans to spend their days soaking in all the good vibes. Drawing on the common experiences of growing up in a town like Durango, ElArturo's own hometown, where everyone calls each other "Pa," "Papá," "Padre," etc., he paints a colorful picture of leisurely bike rides and walks with friends down the Boulevard, celebrating the seemingly simple but important moments that shape our lives while maintaining the essence of traditional regional music through the use of vibrant instrumentation such as the caja, bajosexto, and the docerola.

The official music video for "Qué Onda Pa," filmed under the direction of César Madinaveitia and César Alpuche, is available to watch now on YouTube. Amidst an old-fashioned hotel and bar, surrounded by townsfolk and wanted posters, ElArturo explores the wild west setting of a Mexican pueblo, taking an adventurous ride through the town that gets him into a bit of intriguing trouble.

From his unique clothing style to the use of local vernacular in his songs, ElArturo constantly honors his hometown, El Mezquital, Durango, weaving his culture through everything he does and bringing it to the global stage along with his extraordinary, innate musical abilities. With the release of his long-awaited debut album, he solidifies his position as one of the most innovative artists in the Latin indie music scene today, and it's only the beginning.

Tracking list:

1. Que Onda Pa

2. La Vida Era Más Easy

3. El Wey Fui Yo

4. Ya Lo Decidí

5. Apenas Empezaba

6. Cuando Te Cotorreaba

7. Mami Perfecta

8. Tonto (5 nov)

9. Ya Madres Valió

10. Y Qué

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