ENJAMBRE chats with us about 'Ambrosia' and their upcoming tour

Having just completed the album Proximos Projimos in 2020, the members of ENJAMBRE, like many of us, found themselves trapped by the pandemic. Without the ability to tour and promote their latest endeavor, they turned to what they enjoy most... making more music. The result of that unbridled energy and creativity was the band's first English EP, Ambrosia, an idea they had been mulling over for a long time. That's not to say that Enjambre has now "crossed over" but it is a welcomed treat for many of us who live our lives in two languages. So, who is this EP for? Well, it's for everyone. There are no preconceived labels or target audiences, and the project has been enthusiastically received. Ambrosia is a multi-faceted representation of ENJAMBRE's unique sound and architecture, pero en ingles. And, we love them for it!

RockDaBeat's Dulce Flores had the pleasure of chatting with RAFA NAVEJAS, bassist and co-founder of Enjambre, as he took a break from rehearsals in Aguascalientes, Mexico. He chatted with us about the band's latest EP Ambrosia, Enjambre's creative process, and their upcoming U.S. tour. For tour dates and complete audio and video of the interview, go here.

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RDB: I wanted to start off just talking about the tour. You guys are heading back out. You had a chance to do some shows last year. But this is more like a formal tour for you guys here in the US. So what are you most excited about?

Rafa: Well, generally we're excited about going back to stages, live performances, with audiences. And yes, we started a few months ago going at it again and it seemed like people were as excited as we were because the few venues that we've done here so far, they've been mostly sold out. Not all of them, but most of them. So, for us that's a clear sign that people also were expecting to go back to live performance, live experience, live music. And now we're gonna do our formal tour in the US, we're doing, I think 17 cities throughout the US, so it's very exciting for us. After like a year and a half of not being able to do this. To be able to do it again, it's just... we feel privileged. Very excited.

RDB: In that time, you had [the album] Proximos Projimos come out and you didn't really get a chance to tour with that and now we have another work that you guys are going to be showing off. So, tell us a little bit about the most recent EP Ambrosia.

Rafa: Well, yes, we released a full album at the beginning of last year called Proximos Projimos and as we would normally do, we’d go out on tour and promote it, but we couldn't because of the pandemic restrictions. So after we finished the album, we released it and, "ok, so what do we do now?" We can't play. We can't go out, so we felt we were kind of like on a roll...creativity-wise, so we thought let's just keep on going and we always wanted to do a little something in English, like whether it's a full album or an EP. So we thought this is our chance. You know we have the time now that we normally don't have. So now that we are restrained to our studio, let's just keep creating and let's do this English EP that we've always wanted to do, but we didn't have time to do it.

So hence the four song EP titled Ambrosia. We released it in, I think, the last quarter of last year so it's pretty fresh. So now that we're back on stage, we have a whole bunch of you know, new refreshed repertoire. We have a full album plus the EP, plus you know all the previous albums, so it's going to be an interesting repertoire there. We're going to include a little bit of all these phases, and of course everything under the umbrella of the new stuff. You know the new concept, the new face of Enjambre.

RDB: Was there anything particularly challenging or different about [Ambrosia] writing, composing and doing all that in English. Even though you speak the language, you hadn't done this musically.

Rafa: I'm the one who speaks the least. [Laughs] But Luis is very fluent. He was there [United States] since...well, since he was a kid, so it comes more natural for him, as the songwriter, the singer. And from what he tells us, I suppose, the fact that rock and roll was born in English. It becomes very fluent, very, very natural to use the phonetics of the English language as opposed to Spanish that we have be very careful mixing up, rock music with the Spanish language it's a bit more of a challenge because it doesn't come as naturally, you know, the chemistry is not as natural as it would be in English. So that presented a lot of opportunities, and I don't know, we like the lyrics, we like how it sounds.

RDB: One of the things I was really interested about is, I heard the songs and I never thought in my head, this is a crossover. And I think I grew up in the time when Latino artists or artists that recorded in Spanish if they did something in English it was like, “OK, now they're crossing over. They're moving on.” And just the fact that I didn't even think of it that way. I think we've gotten to a place where we can have music in different languages, and nobody even cares.

Rafa: Yeah, we were very concerned about that at first, as we released the first couple of songs out of the EP. We're thinking, what is our fanbase gonna say? You know, are they gonna be critical or are they gonna say this? And you know we were surprised to find out that, for the most part, people didn't care about the fact that it was in English. Most comments were still about the music, whatever feelings they got out of the song. And very, very few comments dealt with the "oh now you guys are doing in English, go back to Spanish" or whatever. So you're right, I think this generation cares less about that and just it's a little bit more open. You know about the different presentations of music. Whether it's language or a different concept or whatever it is.

RDB: And picking up on that, when you're talking about the feelings of the songs and just the musicality of it... The lyrics match sort of the style of the music. There is that nostalgia in the lyrics and kind of almost, a little bit about thinking back on this time and age when we're so connected to technology and social networks that are not in real person. How did you guys translate that, with the type of instrumentation you used, the style when you were recording and producing?

Rafa: I'm glad to see that you actually paid attention to the lyrics and the music. Yes, we feel that we're that generation that’s in a very unique position, whereas we were able to experience how the world was before the smartphones. And now how it is with the smartphones. And how it's changed dramatically in every way; the way we project ourselves, the way we interact with each other, even with friends and family and so forth. In our album Proximos Projimos they deal with that a little bit. It's just like an observation because we've gone through it, and we've gone through those drastic changes.

And then, musically, we always try to, whenever Luis presents the song, like the rough draft, we always try to pick up the feeling, the essence of the song, not so much like the technical side of the music, but also trying to capture what's the main feeling. What is it projecting? Is it a nostalgia? Is it sadness? Whatever it is and we try to, as musicians, to accommodate to that. That's why I'm glad you picked that up. So you know the music also kind of like enhances those feelings and a little bit of the themes of the song, so that's what we try to do always to compensate that with our musical arrangements.

RDB: The other aspect of this EP also is the videos that you've released around the different songs and they kind of pick up on some of the lyrics and the story behind it. So I really like the mix of humor but with social commentary, it's not too heavy.

Rafa: Yeah, as opposed to the music we didn't get too involved with the videos we have, you know, close friends that that we feel that understand our vibe, our music, what we’re about. So we trust them, and of course we all, we always pitch in with ideas and we get involved, but with the videos not as much. But yeah, we're not taking it so seriously with the videos as you can perceive, it’s more like, let's experiment. Let's have fun.

RDB: I don't know if you want to maybe invite the people at RockDaBeat to your show?

Rafa: Yes...we were in Chicago last year for a fest. And it was such a cool experience. I don't know if you were there, but it was a good, great, great experience. You guys can check it out on YouTube. It was great but we felt very limited. You know how festivals are. You get on stage but then you have to get off [because] the next band’s up. So we didn't...we felt we didn't have enough time to project what we can do. So now it's payback for us. You know this February 17th is going to be our show. A great opening number, Las Cruxes. Our show, full set. You know there's no rushing and it's Enjambre, as good as it gets. So don't miss it.

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