FOXY SHAZAM finishes off 'Hidden Treasure' tour - Photos and links!

In celebration of their latest album 'The Heart Behead You', Foxy Shazam has just completed a tour that took them across the US in a show bursting at the seams with energy. For many fans this was the band's much awaited return to the stage after a 6-year hiatus until 2020. Like for many, the pandemic impeded music fans from seeing their favorite artists in person but, with little room for doubt, with Eric Nally and company, the wait was now over and worth it.

Eric Nally has often been compared to the likes of Freddie Mercury, and it is easy to see why. From his imposing vocals to moves with a microphone stand and acrobatics on stage, Nally is a force to be reckoned with.

Foxy Shazam as a whole is like an energy drink on steroids. While seeing the band perform, you do not know whether to look left or right, for fear of missing the best part of the night. Their performance is Foxy Shazam's music personified to its fullest, and for that we are grateful. With a 20 song setlist, hits played throughout the evening included 'Killin' It, Oh Lord, Unstoppable, Holy Touch', accompanied by new releases 'Love Like This, Dancing With My Demons,' and more!

But now, with the 'Hidden Treasure' tour come and gone, we can only pray for a future return as soon as possible! In the meantime, we invite you to take a spin on Foxy Shazam's Spotify, visit their merch store, and relive moments with our photos from their Chicago show. Links to music and products catered below!

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Photos by JEAN MARC LAVOIE (@jean.marc.lavoie)