GARY NUMAN: 'Intruder' tour 2022

Gary Numan is undeniably a legend, some have even hailed him as the godfather of electronic music. If you grew up during any part of the 80's, you probably couldn't without hearing his chart-topping single 'Cars'. But 'Cars' is only the tip of the iceberg, and this incredible artist has produced over 20 albums, sold over 10 million records and celebrated 2021 with his twenty-first studio album 'Intruder'.

A collection of 13 tracks makes up the entirety of the 'Intruder' LP, one only available in the Deluxe Edition, and two tracks only on the Vinyl Edition. The album has acheived #1 status on the UK Independent Albums chart and #2 on the UK Albums chart. The new album brings attention to the issue of climate change and in a recent interview with Detroit Metro Times Gary Numan explained that he found motivation for 'Intruder' in a poem called 'Earth', written by his youngest daughter several years ago, and inspiration for the music from the Turkish inventro and multi-instrumentalist Gorkem Sen. Read the full interview in the Detroit Metro Times here.

Gary Numan's stop in Chicago's Park West for the North American portion of the tour was as energetic as it was engaging. Numan's presence on stage is a testament to "feeling the music". Every vocal note seems transcend from Gary's very core in a display that marks the meaning of his performance. It is quite impossible to escape the intensity that is Gary Numan in concert. It's safe to say that even the youngest in the crowd could not mimic this one man's stamina. The setlist for this evening began with the title track 'Intruder' and took us 16 songs in before a break and an encore that ended with another of Gary Numan's greatest hits of all time... 'Are Friends Electric?'

Here's a gallery of the Chicago show, and to connect with Gary Numan, click below:

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Photos: Jean Marc Lavoie (@jean.marc.lavoie) - Click photo for full size.