GEPE releases new single 'LAS 4:40'

Releases "Las 4:40" - The New Single That Marks - The Musical Beginning of His 2022

GEPE, currently one of the most outstanding Latin American voices and a key figure in the international projection of the music of his native Chile, returns with new music, demonstrating once again his artistic restlessness and his skill as a creator of songs.

The song "4:40" was composed in collaboration with Puerto Rican artist Raquel Sofía and Mexican producer Mauro Muñoz and marks the beginning of a new era in which the singer-songwriter reopens his own songbook following his album "Ulyse" (2020).

With a catchy rhythm and an unforgettable chorus, in "Las 4:40," Gepe gives a nod to cumbia, illustrating once again the free approach to the Latin sound to which we have become accustomed over the course of his already eight published albums.

After two intense years amidst the promotion of "Ulyse" (which features noteworthy collaborations with Natalia Lafourcade, Vicentico and Princesa Alba), his nomination to the Latin Grammys, and an EP of covers that kept him busy for much of 2021, this return is also the commencement of a musical year that yet again demonstrates Gepe's credentials as a creator of pop songs with massive reach.

Written during his last trip to Mexico, and in the middle of a heavy schedule of creative sessions with other colleagues, this song addresses a falling-out through direct narration and a rhythm that invites fans to dance until dawn.

On this occasion, the production was led by the Argentine Nico Cotton (Cazzu, Conociendo Rusia, Nicki Nicole, Princesa Alba, and Axel, among others), and the recording was finalized in Buenos Aires in January 2022.

The track comes accompanied by a videoclip starring the famous Chilean actress Tamara Acosta and directed by Bernardo Quesney, where a dark, wistful and bohemian imaginary world is formed.

In this way, and within days of his participation at the Vive Latino Festival (CDMX) in March and the Pal 'Norte Festival (Monterrey, Mexico) in April, Gepe kicks off an era of new musical and artistic adventures of continental reach.