JESSE & JOY feat. Little Jesus + Chule in Chicago

The Mexican siblings Jesse & Joy find themselves on their 'Cliches' tour through the United State before returning to Mexico. With dates coming to various cities that include San Antonio, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and more, Chicago played host to their show with Little Jesus and Chule in this month of March 2022.

With a Grammy and six Latin Grammy's to their name, the artists currently have five studio albums, 'Aire (Version Dia)' being the lastest, and leaving fans wondering if there will be an 'Aire (Version Noche)' in the near future.

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Here's some photos from the Chicago show, scroll down for images of the opening act Chule. Photos: Fran Ocegueda @fran_volta

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Full song list from Jesse & Joy Chicago performance:

  1. Dueles

  2. Alguien mas

  3. Chocolate

  4. Respirar

  5. La De La Mala Suerte

  6. Me Queiro Enamorar

  7. Adios

  8. Un Besito Mas

  9. Llegaste Tu

  10. Me Soltaste

  11. ¿COn Quien Se Queda El Perro?

  12. Love

  13. Valio La Pena

  14. Llorar

  15. Te Espere

  16. Tanto

  17. 3 am

  18. Espacio Sideral

  19. Exos De Amor

  20. Corre

Sofía Von Wernich, aka 'Chule' is a Latin pop singer/songwriter from Argentina. Chule began her musical career by uploading acoustic covers of popular songs. This garnered her a following of thousands (almost 300,000 followers at last count). As an actress Chule also made her debut on Netflix´s sitcom 'Millennials'. To connect with Chule:

Instagram | YouTube

Photos: Fran Ocegueda @fran_volta