JUANA MOLINA's digitally organic sound returns to Old Town!

When the term “one-‘man’-band” was coined in our world’s history, I don’t believe anyone envisioned an artist quite like Juana Molina. With a small arsenal of synths, guitar(s), samplers, foot pedals, and a nostalgic voice, Juana Molina transmits a little piece of herself in every note, loop, and rhythm she programs before your very eyes. It is a captivating experience and Juana Molina’s charm makes the relationship with audiences even more personal.

Juana’s music has brought her comparisons to Bjork, but her digitally organic style is in a class all of its own. Some of Juana Molina’s songs may even be no more than a few sentences, with a repeated lyric or word. But it is these particular expressions, brief instances in verse, and the melody behind them that help fans create their own context and connection with Juana Molina’s work. In short, Juana Molina sings about life in her own way, but it’s a way that we can all fit a piece of into the soundtracks of our own lives.

Juana Molina’s productions have now culminated into eight music releases, with ‘Segundo (Remastered)’ being the latest. ‘Segundo’ is a reissue of Juana Molina’s album from 2000, which brought her much recognition, and achieved the title of Best World Music Album in 2003 by Entertainment Weekly. This was a historic moment in her career as her first release, ‘Rara’ had met with mixed reviews from fans who had half expected Juana Molina to take the stage as the comedic actress she had portrayed in an earlier part of her life. But, that is an era that Juana had left behind for reasons of her own, to dedicate herself whole-heartedly to her music and, despite the challenges, we are so glad that she did!

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Juana Molina at Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music

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Photos by: Jean Marc Lavoie (@jean.marc.lavoie)