L'IMPERATRICE completes East Coast tour, West Coast and Mexico to follow!

The beautiful thing about music is that it transcends all other forms of communication. The wonderful thing about L'Imperatrice is that they speak the language of music perfectly. They are perhaps one of the brightest, most energetic, high-spirited bands from France to have honored North American soil with their unrivaled flavor of pop, electro, nu-disco. With sold out shows featuring a mixture of fans of all ages, congregating to see, hear, and dance with L'Imperatrice... their show is, undeniably, unforgettable.

The award winning band recently released their second studio album 'Tako Tsubu' (available on vinyl and limited edition CD) and is professed as a 13 track dedication to "love, doubts, euphoria, sorrows, success, and madness." This is 'Tako Tsubo' syndrome, aka 'broken heart syndrome'. L'Imperaetrice's previous LP 'Matahari' is also available in two versions, and to date 'Vanille Fraise' is their most popular track at over 55.5 million plays.

At the time of this post, L'Imperatrice has just completed dates in Montreal, Brooklyn, and Chicago, and now heads to California for two weekends at Coachella and dates in LA and Oakland. From there, L'Imperatrice makes its way to Mexico City and Zapopan at the Pepsi Center and Echoes Festival, respectively. Then it is back to France from where they will embark on a long list of European dates. We will surely miss them! Below we feature photos from the Chicago event but, honestly, they do not do justice to being there in person!

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Photos by Jean Marc Lavoie - @jean.marc.lavoie