LA RENGA - Argentinean hard rock legends present 'Alejado De La Red'!

February 2022 - The most important hard rock group in Argentina, La Renga, releases their new album titled “Alejado de la Red,” their tenth studio project that is now available on all digital platforms. The album was also published on vinyl and in an exclusive pendrive format, where the music videos for all the songs can be viewed and thetracks can be heard in the highest audio qualities—digital formatting at its best—with new mixing and mastering done for this release.


Since mid-2019 and during the entire pandemic, La Renga has been promoting a variety of audio tracks and music videos. “Llegó la hora” and “Parece un caso perdido” were the first songs selected for release. After they shared “Flecha en la clave” and “Para que yo pueda ver,” they presented “En bicicleta” and “El que me lleva,” which were recorded at their homes and released during the pandemic. And on streaming, “Buena Pipa” was released, which they performed at the Autódromo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires in 2021. The album is rounded out by “Alejado de la Red,” the song that lends its name to the project, and “Elefantes Pogeuando.”

La Renga is one of the most popular groups in their native country, and one of the busiest on tour all year round. Their career was built on self-management, and since 2002, after thetermination of their last contract with the transnational label, they have a completely independent production, running their own label, studio, and executing the production of their shows.

“Alejado de la Red,” La Renga’s new album, was recorded and mixed by Matias Goncalves in the band’s Ezeiza studios during 2019 and 2021. The mastering was led by John Davis at Metropolis Studios in London, England during the months of September and October 2021.