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LAS CAFETERAS and special guest RUDY DE ANDA!

"Energetic" doesn't even begin to describe a live concert by LAS CAFETERAS. Hot on the heels of their latest release "OAXACA LOVE SONG NO. 2', the East LA natives are dosing a prescription of their unique style on the road. Combining more genres than you can count on two hands, from Son Jarocho to Hip Hop and Afro-Latin rhythms to retro, witnessing Las Cafeteras on stage is an infectious treat that will prompt any fan to appreciate the band's music even more. Live, the band also presents a potpourri of classic hits but cooked up with LAS CAFETERAS' own blend of spices. ROCKDABEAT was present for LAS CAFETERAS' presentation at Chicago's Martyrs' and we're happy to share these photographs of their show.

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The soulful sounds of special guest RUDY DE ANDA played as interlude for this evening in Chicago with LAS CAFETERAS. RUDY DE ANDA's songs are a collection of unique sounds, some romantic and reminiscent of the vinilos your mother may have played, others like a modern retro dance hit. Singles like 'CARIÑO' and 'ESPUME' readily stand out with their contagious melodies and, if one thing is true, it is that RUDY on stage breathes a passionate life into this young artist's songs.

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All photos by: JEAN MARC LAVOIE (IG: @jean.marc.lavoie)

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