LAS CAFETERAS launch new single "LA SIRENA"

A collaboration between Las Cafeteras, Poder Latinx and Human Rights Campaign

With the participation of Latin divas, dreamers and drag queens to celebrate LGBTQ + Pride Month with a tropical sound and Immigrant Heritage Month.

June 2021 - Since 2005, Las Cafeteras have been developing a sound that breaks gender barriers with an electric performance and infusing lyrical stories with the purpose of sharing the hidden stories of the lives of migrants in Los Angeles. ForPride Month andImmigrant Heritage Month , the group releases their single "La Sirena," starring Miss Gay Queen of the Desert America, "Sicarya."


With the support of Poder Latinx and the Human Rights Campaign, the song celebrates the diversity and leadership role of Trans and Queer activists and likewise, recognizes Immigrant Heritage Month through the Dreamers and others who arrive to this country to seek a better future.

The theme “La Sirena”is like a tropical musical novel about two people from two different worlds who collide for a moment of passion, indulgence and betrayal. Tropical rhythms, percussion and the sensual sound of swing accompany the story of 2 lovers destined for love and tragedy.

The song was produced by Moisés Baquiero( Los Abandoned, Mariachi Manchester, El Conjunto Nueva Ola), whose love of forbidden romance brought this story to life.

“We wanted to create art that brought together the multiple communities that exist within the LGBTQ + identity, Latinx - Queer, Drag, Straight, Mestiza, Dancer, Immigrant, Pocho, and more,”says Denise Carlos, singer of Las Cafeteras.

"After performing for an election campaign in Phoenix and being featured by renowned Drag Queen activist Sicarya, I instinctively knew I wanted to do a project to highlight the euphoria, grandeur and activism I witnessed,"says the singer-songwriter for Las Hector Flores coffee makers.

Poder Latinxand Human Rights Campaignjoined the group in producing a music video highlighting elegance, style and activism in the Latina Drag community with a cast of POC Drag Queens, divas and dancers.

“Our political and electoral work with the Drag, Queer and Latinx community in Phoenix has been transformative and we want to continue showing ourselves for Trans Visibility and empowerment with this video production,”commented Yadira Sanchez, co-executive director of Poder Latinx.

"These types of cross-movement collaborations are an essential strategy to achieve the emancipation of all marginalized communities. When we come together through our respective battles, and use a cross-cutting lens to develop the strategies we use to achieve our missions, we become more smart and more powerful than our common threats. We need more artists like Las Cafeteras to create the anthems that increase the visibility of excluded voices and inspire us to unite and act to make a better and more inclusive nation, "concludes the president of Human Rights Campaign Alphonso David.

(This post is an AI translation from its Spanish original)