LP on songwriting, music, and new EP 'Churches'

With more than 2-billion streams and a following that spans through the U.S., to Latin America and Europe, LP has announced her highly anticipated sixth album 'CHURCHES' for release this December. The 15 track EP's first single, 'The One That You Love', has almost 24 million YouTube views, 18.5 million+ Spotify streams, and had its TV debut on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers.' LP has been featured in Rolling Stone, SPIN, Billboard, People, American Songwriter, Earmilk, Consequence, Ladygunn, SiriusXM and more. In addition to playing Lollapalooza, Vive Latino and the upcoming Corona Capital, LP will headline a world tour in 2022. View tour dates HERE.

RockDaBeat had the chance to chat with New York singer/songwriter LP. With a new studio album 'Churches' set to be released in December 2021, LP talked about songwriting, the many moods of the pandemic and her love for Latin America. Here are the highlights from our conversation. (To listen to the entire interview, click here to scroll down.)

RDB: You have a new studio album, your sixth, coming out and your fans have gotten a taste with some singles that you've released over the last year. How would you describe the album as a whole to your fans?

LP: There's like maybe an extra four or five songs on there. I think it would be a bummer to have released [the album] before the pandemic started without a lot of these songs, 'cause I think it would have seemed like it wasn’t of the time, for me anyway.

I tried to uplift myself during things. Think about the good things and like picture getting back to things, which you know was wild for a while. I know it's been wild for everybody. In a weird way I felt very inspired and oddly connected to people, because I just felt, I knew that they'd be feeling the same. That they'd be wanting that. Looking for that same connection when we got back.

RDB: I got a chance to listen to the album and I totally felt what you were saying -- the feeling of going back, but also moving forward.

LP: Yeah, yeah. I think it incorporates the many moods I was in during this whole thing. And there were many moods.

RDB: In the last year, were there any other things that you made time for, that you hadn’t made time to do before? Aside from digging into songwriting?

LP: You know, I had my hands full with that and I had to make some personal life changes and I did that. [Laughs] Not well, but I did it. Reassessing everything and just instead working on my inner self a bit.

RDB: I know a lot of people sort of started new projects and hobbies. And now I wonder how many of us will keep doing that.

LP: We'll see. I mean, you know we're gonna get busy again. I think we do realize that we have more work to do on ourselves and on our planet and our, you know, equal rights and all that. There was a lot of light put on these things, during the pandemic 'cause no one had anything else to do but like really pay attention. I think that's some of the good stuff.

I mean, I hope that that carries over. Hope that we don't all like just start flying off into our own little realms again. But I have high hopes that we made some dents in like evolving a bit. Obviously from what we've seen, recent events in Afghanistan and everything, we still have a long way to go. But I feel like we were a captive audience to a lot of situations that I hope made us stronger.

RDB: Are there any sort of artists, could be musicians but could be other forms of art, that have kept you company in the last few months?

LP: I've been listening to a lot of jazz, you know, like just getting back into that. I don’t know it does something to my mind musically. I’ve just been listening to records and playing a lot of guitar. Bought a few guitars, played a bunch of guitar, wrote a bunch of songs, that's what I've been doing.

RDB: I know you've been performing still, some livestreams and a drive-in concert. You just started getting back to touring. What has been going through your mind when you got back on stage?

LP: It's like the old expression “like riding a bike”. It felt good and I knew what to do and I felt like you know, I was just, back at it, and happily. I've always appreciated it, but I think, nothing wrong with a renewed appreciation, obviously.

RDB: And was there anything that you noticed you had missed the most about touring or performing?

LP: I guess I missed that connection, you know. Even the connection, the camaraderie with my band and everything beforehand. And then, just seeing people and seeing how happy it makes them. That's really... what a beautiful thing.

RDB: Are there any songs off the new album that you're particularly excited about taking on the road?

LP: I think all of them. I feel like the album...releasing singles doesn't make me as happy as when this record is going to come out. 'Cause I just feel like it needs to be seen and heard together.

RDB: Well, you have a huge following in Latin America, particularly in Mexico. Any particular messages for those fans? And any hopes of visiting soon?

LP: My Latin fans are the best and yeah I'm gonna be playing the Corona Capital, so I'm looking forward to seeing them then. Last time I played a big festival there was Vive Latino and it was insane. So you know, I'm just very excited. I really really love Latin America and Mexico. And I can’t wait to get back there.

The album 'Churches' is set to be released in early December. For pre-orders and tickets to upcoming shows, visit

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