LP's World Tour rips through the Western Hemisphere

Crushing international borders and crossing into the hearts of millions of music lovers, the incredible and powerful artist known as LP is taking on the western hemisphere like a hurricane. With a voice that cannot be contained in their 5’3 frame, emotion and energy too large for even the biggest of auditoriums, blessed are those who are amassing for LP’s World Tour.

LP is perhaps one of the hardest working musician/singer/songwriters you’ve seen in a long minute, LP’s tour has brought on a campaign of performances, most recently overthrowing cities up and down the Americas, with future dates through dozens of U.S., Canadian, and Mexican cities. The historic Vic Theatre hosted the Windy City stop of LP’s performances, where the packed house held witness to a deliverance of songs spanning most of LP’s musical career. From LP’s opening ‘When We Touch’ through ‘Churches’ and beyond, every song provoked a choir of singing and cheers. If you’ve paid attention to LP’s words on every track, then you know first-hand that they tell the stories so many of us have to tell or relate to.

Co-captain on LP’s dates in the U.S. is the amazing artist Nick Leng, who, in addition to providing support on this tour, also co-wrote LP’s song ‘My Body’, which he performs with them during the headlining set. Nick has received notable recognition and following for his tracks ‘Lonely Shade of Blue’ and ‘Walking Home to You’ and released his EP ‘Lemons’ in 2021, garnering him a great deal of attention and streams across every platform from Amazon to Tidal. The piano virtuoso/singer/songwriter enjoys a strong fanbase of his own, as has been readily clear on this musical excursion. (Gallery from the night at The Vic with both artists below.)

LP’s single ‘The One That You Love' off the ‘Churches’ LP has drawn close to 28 million views and over 25 millions streams on Spotify. The second single, ‘How Low Can You Go' has close to 8 million views and close to 9 million streams on Spotify. And, the third single, ‘One Last Time’ has generated close to 20 million views and 13 million Spotify streams.

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LP at The Vic Theatre

Photos: Jean Marc Lavoie (@jean.marc.lavoie)

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Nick Leng at The Vic Theatre

Photos: Jean Marc Lavoie (@jean.marc.lavoie)

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