MARCH MUSIC MADNESS! Or, RockDaBeat Playlist #06. We've been putting out playlists of music worth checking out! This is our latest edition and this time we invite you to learn a little more about these artists. You can find all these tracks on our latest Spotify playlist RockDaBeat #06 here. In no particular order, they are....

'Teniente Harina' - Mexican Insitute of Sound

Without a doubt, cumbia is a major limb of the Latin body of music experienced on both sides of the border. And we can always count on Mexican Institute of Sound (MIS) to continually treat us with a modern and unique twist on this legendary genre. 'Teniente Harina' (Cumbia Mantifiesto Pt. 2) is the latest chapter in the MIS journey to break the traditional barriers of cumbia and this is also theme song to the new Comedy Central series 'Harina'.

'Mundo En Extincion' - Ruben Albarran (Cafe Tacvba) and Bostich (Nortec Collective / Bostich + Fussible)

This is the first release on the upcoming 'MXTX: A Cross-Border Exchange' (April 1, 2022). This musical jewel features the unmistakable voice of Cafe Tacvba's Ruben Albarran on a track formulated by the expertise of Nortec Collective's Ramon Amezcua 'Bostich'. The single marries the elements of electronica with both orchestral and acoustic music to create an original piece.

'Inevitable' - Camilo Septimo

This new single off the band's upcoming album, 'ECOS' tells the story of the strains we may all experience in relationships. A track influenced by both synth and alternative pop, 'Inevitable' has a sentimental sound that brings you into the fold of what Camilo Septimo is working on for their newest production. With less than 10 years under their belt CS has enjoyed millions of plays across digital platforms.

'La Vida' - Zona Ganjah

This reggae/rap track is the third single off Zona Ganjah's upcoming album. 'La Vida' chronicles the struggles of the human existence. The video touches on an emotion that society has often avoided talking about... depression. The band is the realization of founder Jose Gahona's idea to create: "a self-managed project whose goal was to make "conscious" music, revealing a different reality to the one presented on the mainstream media..."

'Lago Del Olvido' - Cuevo Perez

Cuevo Perez is an indie artist making waves in both the US and abroad. 'Lago Del Olvido' is a catchy tune that feels like a musical trip through one's emotions. This paired with Cuevo's unique vocals invokes a feeling of nostalgia and longing. Cuevo is working on new material but has banned himself with incredible musicians: Enrique "Bugs" Gonzalez (Los Lobos, Jumbo), guitarist Fran Iturbe (Enrique Bunbury, Mikel Erentxun), and bassist Cesar Pliego (Kinky).

'Muerte En Vida' - Dama Vicke

Psychedelic riffs and a vocal accompaniment to match provides the introduction to this single exploring our relationship with a little place we call "Earth". It is an expedition into both social and self-awareness. This preview is a preview to the new album which features work with Grammy and Platinum record producer Sam Fisher (Lady Gaga, Daddy Yankee, Celia Cruz). Also, don't forget to check out the a trippy animated video for this track.

Sounds From Spain

Sounds From Spain is a project that showcases talent from the European nation to the rest of the world. Each year the US is fortunate to host them at the annual SXSW festival and in 2022 the showcase will feature the great artists below. Here are the tracks that we recommend from each. Note, some of that have millions of plays across different platforms yet you may have never heard them before!

'NMOUT 3LIK' - Cruz Cafuné

'Profile Anxiety' (Crystal Fighters Remix) - Belako

'Creations' - Marta Knight

'Veleno' (ft. Rodrigo Vuevas) - Baiuca

'Las Leyes De La Frontera' - Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba (DMBK)

'De La Cueva A Los Olivos' - Queralt Lahoz

'Naranjita Si Carnal' - Caloncho

Caloncho's music has been trademarked as a "beach vibe", with a combination of folk and tropical rhythms. But his latest release 'Naranjita Si Carnal' adds the elements of electronic pop, a catchy melody, and even a touch of rap. Following the success of Caloncho's LP 'Malvadisco', this new single is a testament to what music lovers can expect in next new album.

'De Musica Ligera' - Flor De Toloache

This is a cover of the classic Latin rock hit by Soda Stereo. Flor De Toloache presents us with their own mariachi infused rendition of this 90's hit. This rework of 'Musica Ligera' is so worth the listen to as it connects both the classic traditional music of the mariachi with the explosion of Spanish rock that many Generation X'ers and Millenials grew up with.

'Somethinggreater' - Parcels

The band Parcels hails from Australia and their sound is reminiscent of Daft Punk but with a more organic feel, which is no surprise since their song 'Overnight' was a collaboration with the French duo and became an instant success. Their music has been described as "indietronica" and the tunes are catchy, danceable, and almost every track they put out feels like a hit.

You can find all these tracks on our latest Spotify playlist RockDaBeat #06 here.