Meet TEO LB - New single + music video “Clasico”

"One of the greatest figures in Colombian hip hop sets his sights on the United States with his second single of the year."

April 2022 - Following the success of his previous singles, “Tienes el Toque” and “Stunt 3,” the latter of which birthed a remix with artists such as Afaz Natural and Kiño, Teo LB releases “Clásico,” the first single off of his upcoming album. With this reggaeton track, the artist chose to pay tribute to his roots and share first-hand what he’s experienced throughout his career in the industry. The musical production was led by Mateo Álvarez Jaramillo (Teo LB), along with Jonathan Venegas Alzate, Brayan Bedolla Jaramillo and 11 Y 11 INC.

“Clásico” is accompanied by a music video that was released on his YouTube channel the night of April 7. The video was filmed in Medellín under the direction of Fernando Velásquez, who captured the artist’s passion for the street and motorbikes. Additionally, this Friday, April 8 at 10 pm, Teo LB will premiere his single live at the Club Social Prestige in Pereira, Colombia, where he will be accompanied by Puerto Rican trap and reggaeton artist Ñengo Flow, who is known for contributing to the spread of these rhythms around the world.

More about Teo LB

Mateo Álvarez Jaramillo, better known as Teo LB, is a Paisa artist and songwriter who is passionate about motorbikes, sports, tattoos, and music. He began his career as a freestyler in the streets, and thus made a name for himself as an artist. In 2015, he released his first single titled “Adiós” with which he trended on YouTube and went viral on social media. The song currently exceeds 10 million streams on digital platforms.

In 2016 he released his second single “Stunt Life,” which became a fan favorite and a huge success on platforms with more than 12 million streams. With influences from dance hall, reggaeton, reggae and corridos, Teo LB has made a difference by capturing reality in each one of his songs, which has led him to be one of the most renowned rappers at a national and international level. Singles such as “Real Love,” “Gracias Mamá,” “Stunt 2” and “De Luto” have been some of his most acclaimed songs over the course of his career, exceeding 3 and 5 million plays.

In 2018 he shared a collaboration with Nanpa Básico titled “Vuelve,” a song with which he trended, accumulating more than 12 million streams. Last year, in 2021, Teo LB trended again at a national level with his big hit “Stunt 3” and followed the release with “Stunt 3 Remix,” which itself garnered more than 6 million streams on all digital platforms.

Teo LB kicked off 2022 with “Tienes El Toque,” the perfect song for lovers, which he released on February 14 and trended in Colombia.