NO TE VA GUSTAR releases "DEJO ATRÁS" - the third single off their upcoming album

NTVG released "Dejo Atrás" [“I Leave Behind”], the third single from the band’s anticipated next album. It’s a song that faithfully represents the introspective spirit that dominates the album as a whole. It talks of the concept of rebirth, of starting anew from lived and learned experience. The song also takes on the challenges of being different, being new, being happy; of reinventing oneself: “como el cuerpo de una mariposa / traigo estos colores pero dejo atrás / un envase y un montón de cosas que se van… [like the body of a butterfly / I bring these colors but leave behind / a container and many things that leave…]”

The release is accompanied by a very special lyric video with illustrations from the great Uruguayan artist Santiago Vecino and animated by the experienced professional Pablo Marcovecchio.

For this album, titled LUZ, No Te Va Gustar set up a studio in one of the most beautiful locations of Uruguay, far from the noise of the city and far from routine. It was 20 days of coexistence in a dream world where the band’s musicians and their inner circle breathed music 24 hours a day and worked in detail over each idea that appears in this new collection of songs, which get closer and closer to release.

It was in José Ignacio where the ideas of the new album were cooked up, with Héctor Castillo again doing production; the process was completed between Montevideo and New York. LUZ, the tenth studio album of No Te Va Gustar, will release this year. It’s a rock album that’s direct, robust, on the band’s own label, and pursues something completely new; it’s also an album with top tier featured artists that reflect the range sought over these past 26 years.