ODISSEO = Hate + Desire, interview with the band from from Ecatepec, Mexico

Odio + Deseo (or Hate + Desire in English) = Odisseo, a band originally from Ecatepec, State of Mexico, which is formed by Esteban González (vocals and guitar), Daniel León (guitar), Rodolfo Guerrero (keyboards and synthesizers), Edgar Macin (bass) and Manuel Uribe (drums). Their sound brings us feelings of the romantic ballads of the 70's and 80's, with a mixture of more modern sounds, such as the unique keyboard giving their music a style reminding us of British Rock and synth pop.

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After two years of not setting foot on stage, Odisseo delighted his fans with a super concert at the Pepsi Center in Mexico City this past May 14 promoting his latest album, Generación Inmediata. "It was the biggest concert we've given in our career to this day," daniel, founder and guitarist of Odisseo, told us.

For the past two years due to the pandemic, Odisseo focused on composing songs and gradually returned to the stage with healthy distance and experimented with a series of virtual concerts. "During these two years we started to compose songs, and to rethink many things in our lives and see music in a different way." Daniel said.

This year the band Odisseo was finally able to release their new album, which they were working on during 2021. One of his new songs, 'Nube Fantasma' emerged in the middle of the pandemic bringing his followers a bolero with a lyric of self-love. "When I wrote it, I knew it wasn't a heartbreak song. I realized that it was a song a lot of self-love, I was talking to that part of me about myself that does not let me get ahead. It was like looking in the mirror and saying, I don't want to think about you anymore," Daniel tells us.

Odisseo originally before releasing his first singles, was a project of Boleros. "I visualized making songs of love, heartbreak, like the ones we already do right now but set to music with more acoustic instruments," Daniel explains.

During the pandemic, the group decided to incorporate a bolero as part of their new album. As an opportunity to take up the beginnings of Odisseo and expand its sound and innovate. "It's very boring to do the same song many times. You have to offer new music and offering new music is nothing more than offering a new song. We have to offer a new musical universe," Daniel says.

As the band took shape it became an electrical project to what we now know today as Odisseo. "We became that rock band that everyone knows but the essence of the lyrics that the boleros have and have the ballads of those years - is what they did that label in Odisseo".

The name of their most recent album, 'Generacion Inmediata' (Immediate Generation) represents the immediacy of the things that people today are used to, always looking for immediate gratification." Today's generations are used to a post solving their lives and a video that goes viral making them famous," says Daniel.

The cover of their new album is something very important for the group and was designed by themselves - three of the members of Odisseo are Graphic Designers. "We really like that the visual language of Odisseo is very characteristic. Very special for us," says Daniel.

The album is a representation of a diagram called the Cone of Light. The light cone is a representation of space-time according to the theory of special relativity. "This metaphor/analogy goes a long way with our career. Everything we're doing today is going to be heard in 6 months, 3 years, or the best in 10 years someone says, - I love a band that was in 2022 called Odisseo. It changed my life and now I want to make music like them," Daniel tells us about the cover design.

The first time Odisseo visited the United States was in 2018, and it was in the Windy City, Chicago. The group plans to tour the United States during the last quarter of the year – making sure to stop by Chicago. Daniel invites you to connect with the band on Instagram and listen to their entire discography through Spotify and YouTube. "You will find a very pleasant musical universe," Daniel tells us.

For our readers in Mexico City, go eat a tamale torta. Daniel tells us he has one at least twice a week!

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