Some months of silence and uncertainty have passed, but there is no evil that lasts 100 years and Panteón Rococó returns with a new album as they prepare for their next live shows at Mexico City's Foro Sol. Any wait is far too long and, for Panteón Rococó, reinventing themselves has been an on-going process, be it either by taste or necessity.

Eight musicians eager to create and re-assume their essence on stage face a new challenge today, with this musical compendium produced by Armando Ávila under the wings of Sony Music. This creative triad presents a beautiful and emotional selection of songs by great composers and performers, paying tribute to their musical creations while linking them to real stories that many Mexican families live through today.

"OFRENDA" is the name that gives life to Panteon Rococo's 10th album. Made up of 10 iconic Latin and Ibero-American songs, among them:

  • 'Vivir Así Es Morir De Amor' (Camilo Sesto)

  • 'Veinticinco Rosas' (Joan Sebastian)

  • 'Te Vas Acordar De Mi' (Tex- Tex)

  • 'Hasta Que Te Conocí' (Juan Gabriel)

  • '¿Por Qué No Puedo Ser Del Jet Set?' (Soda Stereo)

  • 'El Lado Oscuro' (Jarabe de Palo)

  • 'Cuando Estoy Contigo' (Armando Manzanero)

  • 'Caray' (Juan Gabriel)

  • 'Cómo Quisiera Decirte' (Los Ángeles Negros)

  • 'Por Ti' (Oscar Chávez).


Each musical production at the hands of Panteón Rococó gives us the opportunity to meet various segments of society. It allows us to share and empathize with those who may not have a voice. The concept of "OFRENDA" is love, longing and a desperate cry for justice. Proof of this is the audiovisual work that gives life to this material, made by the tapatía production company Unlimited Films. The story is divided into seven chapters which follow the struggle of Juana, Ivan's wife, a bricklayer who goes missing after a day of work.

"The audiovisual theme of "OFRENDA" was born while listening to the songs of Panteón Rococó, which at first are love songs, and re-imagine them within a context of social struggle... and that's how the content of the videos was created," said video director Cristóbal G Camarena.

Unlimited Films and its entire team captured the pain and struggle of people who await the return of loved ones who have disappeared, and where the music and interpretation by the band merges to raise their voices.

The first single is 'Vivir Así Es Morir De Amor', a gem from the late 70's interpreted by the unforgettable Camilo Sesto. The single was released on October 15, giving way to the following singles, which complete a story that can only be known in the end as 'OFRENDA' (now available on all digital platforms).

Capitulo 1 - Detonante - "Te Vas Acordar de Mi"

Capitulo 2 - Semillas - "Vivir Asi es Morir de Amor"

Capítulo 3: ¨Efecto Dominó¨ - Veinticinco Rosas

Undoubtedly, 'OFRENDA' will be part of Panteón Rococó's next concerts, after having waited several months to celebrate their 25 year career. "The Quarter of the Century" will come to life on December 10-12 in the imposing enclosure of the Magdalena Mixiuhca, the "Foro Sol".

Panteón Rococó is preparing to celebrate together, with its audience, one of the most significant experiences of its musical career and, above all, to celebrate life together, in all its different colors and flavors, but always advancing together as a human race.


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