ANDRES CALAMARO announces the release of his new album today “DIOS LOS CRIA” and presents with ALEJANDRO SANZ a new version of "FLACA". Along with Alejandro Sanz, other featured artists include: LILIA DOWNS, SAUL HERNANDEZ, MON LAFERTE, JULIETA VENEGAS, ALEJANDRO SANZ, JULIO IGLESIAS, VICENTICO, and more.

May 14, 2021 - "Dios los Cría”, is the title of the new album that Argentinean rock icon Andrés Calamaro has just announced and that will be released worldwide on May 27 on all digital platforms, while on May 28 will be available at record stores in its physical CD and Vinyl versions.

After presenting himself in a bohemian style with Julio Iglesias and redoubling with Manolo García and Vicente Amigo, he hangs out with Alejandro Sanz, the most influential and appreciated Pop author of the last thirty years in Spanish language. Together they embroider Calamaro's hit "Flaca" with a complicit, informal and elegant naturalness.

“Flaca”, the third song taken from his new album, was recorded at the Red Led studios in Madrid and produced by Carlos Narea. The song has a successful video that records the meeting and complicity of these two giants of Latin music.

Dios los Cría” (God raises them) revisits the emblematic songs of Calamaro with the collaboration of legendary artists of Latin music, in an exceptional gathering of talents. To the mentioned names of Julio Iglesias and Alejandro Sanz, are added Milton Nascimento, Mon Laferte, Lila Downs, León Gieco, Juanes, Vicentico, Sebastián Yatra, Raphael, Julieta Venegas and Carlos Vives, among other.

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