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Ruido Fest 2021 - Caifanes, Cafe Tacvba, Panteon Rococo, and more!

​​​​Ruido Fest 2021 has come and gone and, after a one year of hiatus (due to the pandemic), it was incredible to see the thousands of fans ('Ruidosxs') getting a heavy prescription of Latin Alternative rock (and other genres) on two big stages once again. Chicago has been home to the festival since 2015 and this year’s headliners were none other than Cafe Tacvba, Panteon Rococo and Caifanes; all veterans to the music scene and all adored by millions.

With up to 15,000 in attendance, the Ruido Fest lineup also featured amazing well-known artists like Los Amigos Invisibles, Enjambre, Ivy Queen, Little Jesus, Diamante Electrico (who is scheduled to tour with Cafe Tacvba in November), Moenia, Nanpa Basico, and Ambar Lucid. We were especially happy to talk to Enjambre about their new English EP. If you haven't read that, check it out here.

The openers left nothing to be desired and featured fantastic acts like El Shirota, Margaritas Podridas, Lido Pimienta and hometown favorites Rosalba Valdez, The Braided Janes, Evil Empire, and more (scroll down for videos and links for all these great artists). With plenty of water, Tecate or Monaco mixed drinks, a variety of food vendors and the annual 'Luchador' matches, there was plenty to keep everyone fed and entertained.

From singing along with Saul Hernandez on Friday, to massive mosh pits fueled by the sounds of Panteon Rococo on Saturday, to a massive closing night that included a lesson in crowd surfing from Ruben Albarran on Sunday. Of course the festival was not complete without Silverio (the 'padrino' of Ruido Fest).

Ruido Fest 2021 was an unforgettable three days with guests arriving from all all over the United States, Mexico, Central America, the Dominican Republic, and a couple who claimed as far as Europe. It leaves, us and music fans alike, craving more and looking forward to next year!

As declared above, there was a great deal of indie, up and rockin' talent, but the music doesn't stop after the festival. Therefore, please enjoy this collection of videos and links to their respective Spotify's, in no particular order.

- RockDaBeat.com

Photos by: Jean Marc Lavoie

CLICK HERE for the latest videos from some of indie, up and rocking, artists and bands that graced the two Ruido Fest stages in 2021!

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