SANTAFERIA, Alt Cumbia strikes with "CUMBIA CASERA"!

May 2021 - At the end of 2020 the Chilean collective, Santaferia began to publish the 9 songs that make up their latest studio release, "Cumbia Casera". The name of the album characterizes the style of the band that has been playing for 15 years and became the title of their last studio work, recorded during the pandemic. Santaferia's album tells a story that travels through time, bringing to the present different ways of devising cumbia without losing the essence and style that the band has created throughout the years. The work was composed, arranged, produced and recorded socially-distanced. While the population was forced to remain at home due to the pandemic, Santaferia's recordings and edits traveled from computer to computer and from one house to another for months.

One of our favorite tracks at RockDaBeat is "Bailable 140"

Pollo González, vocalist of the group, talks about the process and the experience: “It was totally strange to record from home. We used to do it for demos, but not for records. We have assimilated to recording from home, but not enough to record an entire album. It's cool to record in your room but suddenly having to go to record in the yard, other rooms or in the car because you might disturb your son who is sleeping was unusual, it was a challenge ”, while his partner and director of the band Mauricio Lira adds: “We worked on one song a week, we sent the demo on Sunday, then the mock up of each track were sent to me on Monday or Tuesday and I uploaded them in the program we use. It was very different but effective ”.

The new album is distributed by FaroLatino on May 14. You can listen to Cumbia Casera on all digital platforms including Santaferia's YouTube channel where you can watch a special live session of the release recorded at the prestigious Estudios del Sur. 9. Visit Santaferia's official page for all the official merch, vinyl and CD on its website: