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SANTAFERIA release live album of their unforgettable show at Quinta Vergara

January 2022 - The Chilean iconic cumbia band Santaferia keeps creating buzz. In 2021, the group celebrated 15 years together with a series of collaborations, singles, videos, and a commemorative documentary, which was successfully released on streaming platforms, in movie theaters and on free TV, and they wrapped up the year with the release of a new single: the engaging song “Vamos a la Boti.”

To begin 2022, they now present their anticipated album, an overview of their memorable show at the Quinta Vergara (Viña del Mar, Chile) on December 28, 2019. At that time, the concert concluded a year that was just as intense for the band as it was for the country: Santaferia had come off of several incredibly busy months, which included a performance in July at the renowned LAMC music conference in New York, where they also recorded two songs at the Sear Sound studio, whereas the Revuelta Popular protests had taken place in Chile in October. These events ended up giving a great deal of substance and significance to the gathering.

With incredible guests such as Roberto Márquez, Joe Vasconcellos, Paula Rivas, Portavoz and the female brass quartet Las K-brass, Santaferia executed a retrospective show before a Quinta Vergara packed with musicians, fans, and good energy. It was a compelling concert, powerful in a musical sense, in scenery, and in the messages of commitment toward the social conflict in which it took place.

“Santaferia left their mark on the stage of the Quinta Vergara. 15,000 people came there to enjoy their cumbia casera,” Cooperativacl said at that time. “Everything was special and impressive. Because we were there on-site experiencing this new milestone for the band, as were the [concert at] Movistar Arena, the trip to New York and other special moments. But this day was different; the group was fully dressed in green, yellow, and red, far from the centralism of Santiago, in a friendly show, filling ‘La quinta.’ In a nutshell, a grand moment. Those of us who were there know: we witnessed a show of the highest caliber,”noted Kauza.cl.

Part of all that unforgettable excitement was reflected in the album that, two years later, arrives on digital platforms. A thrilling recording of the last big show produced by Santaferia in the pre-pandemic world.

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