SEVENDUST, Tetrarch and Dead Poet Society continue tour!

SEVENDUST is hitting stages across the US with supporting acts Tetrarch and Dead Poet Society. With the 2020 release of 'BLOOD & STONE' (just before the pandemic hit) and the 21st anniversary of their first release 'ANIMOSITY', the need to get out and celebrate live on tour with their fans has been anxiously anticipated. Until this tour, livestreams by Sevendust had been the best way to stay connected.

The US tour beginning in January recently arrived to Chicago's House of Blues and contiues to cities across MI, OH, PA, NY, NH, CT, and more. And it appears the icing on the cake will be when Sevendust performs at the highly profiled Louder Than Life festival in Louisville, Kentucky. This recent Chicago event and reviews of other stops along the eay are a testament to a show that is energetic, powerful and raw. From opening tracks 'T.O.A.B', 'Praise', and 'Trust', through most all the 'Animosity' catalogue, to closing songs 'Bitch' and 'Face to Face', it is simply a show any fan (new or old) should not miss.

Opening bands Tetrarch and Dead Poet Society complimented this headliner perfectly. Born in 2007, Tetrarch is another Atlanta native (like Sevendust) with two albums to their name: the self-released 'Freak' and the Napalm records release 'Unstable'. Hailing from Boston, Dead Poet Society was formed only 7 short years ago but has quickly built a respectable following of their own, with two releases: 'Axiom' and '-!-' (no that's not a typo, that's the name of the LP).

Photos from the SEVENDUST Chicago event are below!

Keep scrolling for photos of Tetrarch and Dead Poet Society!

All photos by: Jean Marc Lavoie @jean.marc.lavoie

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