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THE HALLUCI NATION, A Tribe Called Red's music evolved and on tour!

First Nations' electronic music takes on North America in the form of 'The Halluci Nation'. Formerly known as A Tribe Called Red, Tim "200lman" Hill and Bear Witness have evolved their music and mission and have transformed their name into 'The Halluci Nation'. With a global following that began with their popular Electric Pow Wows in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) 14 years ago, the group has come full circle with their newest release 'One More Saturday Night', a "love letter" to those gatherings that reimagined the nightclub scene for Canada's native youth.

The name "Halluci Nation" was adopted from a John Trudell (Native American author and activist) monologue to reflect the sense of a community born of the "earth and sky" and "the past and future" which at its core defines what it is to be a human being. Trudell's speech can be heard on 'The Halluci Nation', track released under the moniker "A Tribe Called Red".

We are the human beings

The callers of names cannot see us but we can see them

We are the Halluci Nation

Our DNA is of earth and sky

Our DNA is of past and future

We are the Halluci Nation

- John Trudell (for full text and lyrics click here for 'The Halluci Nation' video)

Currently on tour, Chicago was fortunate enough to host The Halluci Nation in a recent concert event at Chop Shop and RockDaBeat was happy to be there. Check out some of the photos from said event in our gallery below. For more on The Halluci Nation visit:

www.thehallucination.com / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Spotify / YouTube

(Click for full size slideshow)

Opening for The Halluci Nation that evening was Chicago-area artist OPLIAM, a multi-instrumentalist who played an acoustic set with folk music appeal, lyrics of protest, and also expands his music into genres like rock, reggae, and hip hop. Earlier this year, OPLIAM signed his first book deal for a new nonfiction series that will challenge mainstream history books with real stories of the United States' past. In Just 2021, OPLIAM also released his 4th studio album 'What Symbol Represents A Spirit' and is currently touring nationwide to promote this endeavor. For more on OPLIAM visit:

www.opliammusic.com / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

Review and photos by: Jean Marc Lavoie (Instagram: @jean.marc.lavoie)

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