THE MARIAS CONTINUE 'CINEMA' TOUR! w/Evann Mcintosh and Ogi! (photos + info)

Selling out venues nationwide, selling out some cities even weeks or months ahead of time, THE MARIAS continue their 'CINEMA' Tour. Two packed houses at Chicago Vic Theater played testament to what this incredible band brings. With a soulful sound that cannot be boxed into a single category. Part indie, part pop, part psychedelic, and some may even say alternative, The Marias defy stereotypes and traditional genres. If their back-to-back shows in Chicago are any indication of what fans can experience in their home city, then we can only beg you to run out and purchase your ticket.

It is almost hard to believe that this band started by lead singer Maria Zardoya and drummer Josh Conway was born only 6 short years ago. The Maria's has shared that their musical influences range from Selena to Radiohead and the experience behind the production of their EP's 'Superclean Vol. 1' and 'Superclean Vol. 2', a collection of songs originally intended for television, offered them the opportunity to explore the audiovisual feel they wanted for their music. The Maria's 'Hush' topped the Billboard Adult Alternative Airplay chart soon after and the Recording Academy nominated the album 'Cinema' in the category "Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical" in November of last year.

The Marias tour continues. For more dates, links to purchase tickets and more visit their links below. And keep scrolling for photos and info on The Marias' special guests on the 'Cinema' tour, Evann Mcintosh and Ogi.

More on The Marias and the 'Cinema' Tour:

"The Marías are an indie pop band from Los Angeles, California, composed of Puerto Rican lead singer María Zardoya and Los Angeles native and drummer Josh Conway. They are known for performing songs in both English and Spanish, as well as infusing their music with elements like jazz percussion, guitar riffs, smoke-velvet vocals, and horn solos. In their live show, with Zardoya on lead vocals and Conway on drums, they are joined by Jesse Perlman on guitar and Edward James on keyboards." - Wikipedia

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Artists Evann Mcintosh and Ogi are currently opening for The Marias in select cities.

Evann Mcintosh's latest release 'Character Development' is an exploration of Evann's own persona but said journey resonates with many fans. In Evann's own words: "Character Development is a project I wrote when I was beginning to realize how uncomfortable I was in my environment. It’s about being too big for the cocoon and feeling very fluid in a very solid community. I was just beginning to really explore myself. It’s very queer but it could be queerer." The soulful lyrics this young artist deliver a truly emotional connection with audiences. It is a communication of feelings that many persons, young and old, can readily relate to. It is little surprise that Evann's success has been building since the release of their first album 'MOJO'.

Singer/songwriter Ogi recently released her hit single 'I Got it'. This young R&B/Soul artist was born on the outskirts of Chicago, grew up in the midwest and studied at Northwestern U. Her self-produced and recorded singles quickly gained a following on social media and her cover of PJ Morton's 'Alright' caught the attention of many, including the artist himself. As a special guest on The Maria's 'Cinema' tour, Ogi is delighting audiences and gaining an ever increasing number of followers.

Seeing Ogi and Evann Mcintosh as guests to The Maria's 'Cinema' tour was a phenomenal bonus, and we're excited to host these photos of their Chicago performance (below)!

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Photos by: Jean Marc Lavoie (@jean.marc.lavoie)