V.E.H.N - New album from Spain's LOVE OF LESBIAN

With 8 successful albums under their belt, LOVE OF LESBIAN is considered one of Spain's most important rock bands with fans throughout Spain, a strong following in Mexico and into the U.S. and Latin America.

Love of Lesbian presents V.E.H.N., their Viaje Épico Hacia la Nada [Epic Journey Towards Nowhere], which includes the singles released over the last few months: Cosmos, El Mundo, El Sur (feat. Bunbury), alongside 9 unreleased songs. Love of Lesbian is made up of four individuals who are more than the sum of their parts. They’re a solid group that became who they are thanks to the personalities of its components: Juli (guitar), Santi (voice), Jordi (guitar), and Uri (drums). Each one of them is passionate for the things that surround them, that excite them, that leave impressions on them, presented through one singular lens. The near 100 million streams throughout Love of Lesbian’s career, various Gold and Platinum certifications, a Latin Grammy, Rolling Stone Spain awards as Group of the Year and Tour of the Year (2010 & 2011, respectively), and albums on highest-selling-album lists in Spain are accolades to mention about the group; also worth mentioning are their international tours that are highly anticipated in Latin America, especially in Mexico, where their last tour ended in front of more than 10,000 spectators in the National Auditorium. This year, the group hopes to launch the most ambitious international tour to date, beginning with the first show of its size since the beginning of the pandemic, in which the 5,000 tickets to the venue sold out within hours from the start of sale.

“What happens from the moment that V.E.H.N. is with everyone doesn’t depend on us anymore. We can only insist on being, today more than ever, present in the present.” (Santi Balmes - Singer/writer)