WIPLASH presents 'Cereal'

Wiplash releases "Cereal," their sixth single and the latest preview of their debut album 'RPDF,’ to be released in December this year by Discos Nakama, Rebeleon Entertainment and Virgin Music Mexico. The song refers to the moment where you realize you're in a toxic relationship and start removing that person from your thoughts. The theme and rhythm of the song are a perfect escape from a bad time.


"It's about a couple with an emotional dependence that does a lot of damage," Saracho explains.

The single was a creative collaboration between the four members of the band and features a more dynamic punk-inclined sound with American influences such as Blink-182and Machine Gun Kelly. The video shows the band as "cereal tasters" playing inside a giant bowl of cereal with milk. It was directed by Patrick Luna, "The experience of recording the video was incredible, we all loved it," says Saracho. "It has nothing to do with the song, but it was a lot of fun. I never thought I would do this when I joined Wiplash,” Diego adds.


Wiplash came into existence at the end of 2020 when JJ Moore (vocals), Saracho (drums), Daniel (bass) and Diego (guitar) met through their social media networks forming an instant connection thanks to the passion they share for music. Since they all lived in different cities, it was impossible for them to get together to rehearse so they decided to start selling merchandise with their logo and save money for a trip to Mexico City. Their union is based on the composition of songs and the search for their own sound. The band opened the show for Moderatto at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, and this was their first concert. They also performed on October 30 with a sold-out show in Bajo Circuito.

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