WIPLASH: 'Vivir Es Una Pendejada'


"Vivir es una Pendejada" is a song written by Wiplash and BLNKO that describes the feeling – temporary or permanent – of the frustration that sometimes living involves. The combination of both artists results in a revival of punk rock that triumphed in Mexico during 2003-2008, opening the way to a new music scene, which now has many more production and dissemination tools.

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"I think it's a song that speaks for our entire generation and the way we feel. Sometimes it feels like life is meaningless; we do things to look good or because we are told to do them without even questioning them," shares JJ.

"It was a phrase that Daniel said every day until we came up with the song," Diego adds. "What's the point of living when there are things like the SAT, pineapple pizza, lemon emperors, and Memo Aponte videos? Living is a nuisance; it is everything that can be learned."


Wiplash came into existence at the end of 2020 when JJ Moore (vocals), Saracho (drums), Daniel (bass) and Diego (guitar) met through their social media networks forming an instant connection thanks to the passion they share for music. Since they all lived in different cities, it was impossible for them to get together to rehearse so they decided to start selling merchandise with their logo and save money for a trip to Mexico City. Their union is based on the composition of songs and the search for their own sound. The band opened the show for Moderatto at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, and this was their first concert. They also performed on October 30 with a sold-out show in Bajo Circuito. They are currently preparing their first album to be released by Discos Nakama, Rebeleon Entertainment and Virgin Music Mexico, and are the first group signed exclusively by this new label in Mexico.

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