YORKA releases a hymn for the deceased with GEPE and LIDO PIMIENTA

Alfredo Castro plays Yorka and Daniela's father in the video for "Viento," one of the most personal of the duo's songs, which joins the three other singles from the band's upcoming album and a welcoming double show in Chile on November 13 at Matucana 100.

"And you come transformed in the wind, a chill that stops time…"

Los Angeles, CA (October 2021) - Grief and farewells that stir, disarm, and rebuild us: breezes that are visits and memories that are geographically infinite. "Viento," the third single from Yorka's upcoming album in which the Pastenes sisters decided to pay grand tribute to the memory of their father with a collaborative showpiece amidst distinguished names in music and theater. Yorka continues revealing what will be their new album, the follow up to their acclaimed 2018 album "Humo." In the wake of a rewarding tour through the north of the continent, with successful concerts in Mexico and a great experience achieved in the United States, the sisters present one of their most important collaborations to date.

"Viento" was born in the chaos of Santiago Centro, within just months of the death of Yorka and Daniela's father. "He always brought us on trips there, so this song is a little tribute to the city that he loved so much and to his memory, which comes reborn in that wind," Yorka explains about the piece that was conceived upon understanding these gusts as a needed visit from those who are no longer here, our dead.

Produced by Christian Heyne, the single features the voices of Colombian Grammy winner Lido Pimienta, and the recent nominee and renowned national singer Gepe. "It's a sad and powerful song, so we wanted to invite more people so that the incantation would be stronger. We always thought of Gepe and it was lovely that he accepted. Lido sent us an artistic proposal that gave us chills and that gave it all of the flavor that was needed. We love it, because they're both Latin artists that maintain a lot of the identity of their regions in songs," Daniela says.

The video for "Viento" maintains Yorka and Daniela's tone in this new era, defined by a high-quality audiovisual workmanship, this time undertaken by the actress and director Fernanda Ramirez and by the producer Maleza. "The idea developed very inspired by Tim Burton's 'Big Fish.' We wanted to make a different ending for the death of our father. That's why this young version of him appears that brings him to visit the city he loved so much for the last time," Yorka explains about the moving piece starring the renowned and recent winner of the Premios Platino Best Supporting Actor award Alfredo Castro, Santiago Rodríguez ("Historia de un mundial"), Gepe and Lido Pimienta.

It's a release that will be celebrated live and with spectators because Yorka returns to the stage to strengthen the growth and globalization of their recent years. On Saturday, November 13, they'll have two performances at Matucana 100.