ZONA GANJAH releases new album 'CRISTAL 9'

After the singles “Cuanto Heredamos,” “Juan” and “La Vida,” which in just a few months surpassed 1 million views on YouTube and achieved hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify and other digital platforms, today Zona Ganjah releases their ninth studio album Cristal 9.

May 2022 - Without a doubt, this new project complements a growing discography and was created with the desire that the listener can access insights and reach the sense of a spiritual quest in his or her life.

Like each one of their albums, Cristal 9 invites fans to embark on a reflective journey toward awareness through the distinctive stamp of conscious music that defines the project. With a more introspective meaning in the lyrics that encourages the audience to explore their inner selves, this album continues the search for a spiritual evolution, preserving reggae as the central musical genre and adding fresh tinges of hip hop with an increasingly refined sound. At the same time, the album includes a few songs that address the subject of romantic love while avoiding the cliché of typically commercial romantic songs.

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Featuring the general production of Jose Gahona, Cristal 9 was self-recorded by the band in Mendoza, Argentina under the label CC Records.

Additionally, in June the band will begin their tour through various cities in Argentina, during which they will officially present their new material live. The tour will kick off on Thursday, June 16 at Vorterix Club in Mar del Plata, will travel to Teatro Vorterix in Capital Federal on Friday, June, 17, and will finally hit Vorterix Rosario in Rosario on Saturday, June 18.



About Zona Ganjah:

With a 100 percent independent 18-year career, performances at the most important festivals in Latin America and more than 6 million followers worldwide across their social media and streaming platforms (according to, Zona Ganjah is without a doubt one of the most important and most popular reggae bands in the Spanish-speaking world.

The group was founded in 2003 in Antofagasta (Chile) by vocalist, songwriter and producer Jose Gahona, who after a period of searching was able to bring his idea to life: a self-managed project whose goal was to make “conscious” music, revealing a different reality to the one presented on the mainstream media by communicating their message on alternative free outlets like the internet and relying on word of mouth.

The demo “Con Ayuda Del Error,” which was posted on the internet by Jose’s friend without his consent, was the launching pad. In 2005 ZG’s first album, “Con Rastafari Todo Concuerda,” was finally released, a project whose musical composition was based in a fusion of hip hop and reggae and in which multiple tracks stood out, among them “Vibra Positiva,” a song that quickly went viral, crossed borders and with time became an anthem for their fans. To date, the official music video, which was filmed live a few years later, has more than 14 million views on YouTube and nearly 35 million streams on Spotify.

Then came their next albums and the first Latin American tours, first in sound system format and later with a complete band. With the release of each new project, ZG continued to flourish and establish themselves throughout the region, which led them to participate in the scene’s most important festivals: Cosquín Rock (Argentina), Jamming Festival, Grita Rock (Colombia), Catrina, Vive Latino, Rock Al Parque, and Pal’ Norte (México), among others.

In 2020/21, regardless of the hiatus due to the pandemic, from Mendoza (Arg) the group stayed active working on their independent label CC Records. Thus, between the end of 2020 and mid-2021, they released the music videos “No Existen Fronteras” and “Expandiendo Fuera De Mi,” the EP “Acústico En El Bosque,” the album “Sesiones CC Records,” and their most recent singles "Cuanto Heredamos" and “Juan.”

Thus far, Zona Ganjah has released 7 studio albums: “Con Rastafari Todo Concuerda” (2005), “En Alabanza y Gracia” (2006), “Sanazion” (2007), “Poder” (2010), “Despertar” (2012), “Más Allá de la Zona” (2016) y “La Búsqueda” (2019); along with the DVD “Zona Ganjah En Vivo” (2015), “Acústico En El Bosque” (EP 2021) and “Sesiones CC Records.”